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Blowing up Robots rarely felt so Good 0

My very first gaming experience was Doom at the tender age of 5. I remember watching my brother play it before taking a seat myself and becoming utterly enthralled. It's because of Doom and that formative experience that I have a soft spot for retro shooters where circle-strafing is a valuable skill, enemies just bum rush and battles tend to devolve in knocking out enemies in a set pattern to better manage it. Hard Reset is exactly that layered with great cyperpunk trappings, a great looking wor...

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A Simple game with a simple concept 0

In the days where FPS are mainly dominated by the heavily story driven and "cutscenized" with whack a mole gameplay, this game comes with more traditional routes of avoiding enemies by strafing and sprinting while dropping every single power you get from your weapons.GameplayThe game plays very similarly as games such as serious sam or painkiller, but there is a lot of environmental elements that can be used against your enemies, with a lot of varied explosive / electric emitters that can be s...

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Hard Reset 0

My time with the Polish developer Flying Wild Hog’s new PC-only shooter, “Hard Reset,” was defined by confusion. I have never been one to skip through cut scenes in video games, even in games with the lamest of stories, but “Hard Reset” tempted me like no game ever has. The story is told in sparsely animated comic book panels between levels, and features some of the worst dialogue and voice acting I have heard since the original “Resident Evil.” The plot has something to do with a war between h...

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Pigs Fly 0

There's not much to say about Hard Reset, it's a simple game that deserves a simple review. Considering this is a PC only game with a launch price of only $30.00 it makes it possible to give praise. Although I feel like this could have been a killer XBLA title for only $15.00 and it would have wiped the floor.Hard Reset honors the roots of which FPS games originated from by offering fast action, zero reloads, lots of monsters and environmental explosions.... yes barrels and the like. There is al...

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All the pretty colours 0

Fun run-and-gun game. It is great to be aiming at stuff around enemies (instead of the enemies themselves) and letting all hell loose and triggering lots of great visual effects.It feels like you are wandering alleys taken from Blade Runner, which is great fun though the scenery can get a little repetitive sometimes. The game might be on the short side, however I think I'll get it another crack to keep on building my character and to discover secrets.Great title from another small Polish develop...

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It isn't called Easy Reset for a reason 0

Hard Reset harkens back to the shooters of old - color-coded pickups laying around, no reloads, loads of enemies running at you and a nonsensical, throwaway story.Sky is the limitSet in a future cyberpunk Earth that is basically Blade Runner, the game looks amazing. Often simply staring up will reward you with amazing scifi vistas. The game also uses lighting effects to great use while maintaining 60 fps.Even on Normal difficulty, the game isn't easy. You will usually face waves of enemies, eith...

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Hard Reset Review 0

Hard Reset has leap-frogged over the decades worth of design that has evolved the modern FPS. Its about relentless, single-minded gunplay not about varied mixture of combat styles. Flying Wild Hog's first game is a passion project from a developer made up of former employees of People Can Fly and CDProjekt Red.The story is a Cyberpunk adventure where the human streets of New Bezoar are built with cold steel where product advertisements assault consumers from the walls and shine down from the sky...

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New Studio Delivers Great Throwback 1

I can recall a time when first person shooters and PC gaming came hand in hand; where games relied on simple core gameplay mechanics. While it's obvious that the majority of today's shooters have come a long way from their corridor roots, once in awhile someone who appreciates the old formulas churns up a little piece of gaming nostalgia. New Polish developer Flying Wild Hog has done just that with their new cyberpunk-themed shooter Hard Reset. Using many old-school FPS mechanics, Hard Reset is ...

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Chaos 0

I'm going to gloss over the plot, not because I don't think it's good, but because it isn't why I enjoy the game. The plot, to me, feels a little like The Matrix in that you're guarding a hub that houses human intelligence from machines. If they're able to get their hands on it their intelligence exceeds theoretical limits. The narrative plays out via comic book style animatics, similar to Mirrors Edge.You're given a couple of options when it comes to killing. You can take full advantage of the ...

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