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HarmoKnight is a rhythm action game for the Nintendo 3DS developed by Game Freak, the developer of Pokémon. The game features rhythmic gameplay where you'll have to keep in time to the beat to perform actions on-screen and progress through the game's stages. Along with completely original music for every single stage in the game, HarmoKnight also includes bonus stages that uses many of the songs from Game Freak's Pokémon franchise. It was released in the eShop on September 5th, 2012 in Japan and on March 28th, 2013 in the US and UK.


Our Heroes

In HarmoKnight, players mainly take control of Tempo. However during certain stages, gameplay may pass to one or more other characters for a brief duration.


Tempo uses his Note Staff to bash his foes.

The main protagonist of HarmoKnight. Tempo is a young boy training to be a rhythmic warrior and it is up to him to deliver the mysterious musical weapon he discovered to the ruler in Symphony City.


Lyra fires arrows to take out enemies in the background.

A soldier of Melodia, Lyra wields a harp that fires arrows at enemies. When playing as Lyra players must tap in time with enemies entering her crosshairs.

Tyko & Cymbi

Cymbi hits them high with his cymbals while Tyko hits them low with his drumstick.

A manly drummer that Tempo meets, Tyko is aided by his friendly monkey Cymbi. When playing as Tyko there are two crosshairs on-screen: one low for Tyko, and one high for Cymbi who is perched on Tyko's drum. Players must tap the corresponding button when enemies are lined up in either character's crosshair.


Tempo's rabbit friend and sidekick. Tappy gives instuctions on how to play and is the marker for the end of each stage. He is an avid tap dancer.


Once a guard in Melodia's capital city, Symphony City, he now teaches Tempo the ways of being a rhythmic fighter.

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