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Harowen is a Tetris Battle Gaiden character. He is a cloaked jack-o-lantern donning a pointy witch-like hat. His Crystal Powers are:

Level 1: フライ Furai (Fry)

Incinerates three rows worth of space at the bottom of your field which will disappear (including any Crystal Orbs) after placing the next tetrimino sending three rows over to the bottom of the opponent's stack.

Level 2: ダーク Dāku (Dark)

Obscures the opponent's field save for a light which illuminates a small area underneath the active tetramino. This lasts for three tetriminoes.

Level 3: バンパイヤ Banpaiya (Vampire)

Steals opponent's Crystal Orbs.

Level 4: ボム Bomu (Bomb)

Randomly bombs blocks in opponent's stack creating holes. Also destroys in-field Crystal Orbs.

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