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Haunted Chests carry random pieces of planar armor for all classes, even those that typically only drop in the Plane of Fear.   




  • Inhabitants of Hate 


  • Apothic Robe 
  • Black Sapphire 
  • Blue Diamond 
  • Cryosilk Pantaloons 
  • Diamond 
  • Ethereal Mist Vambraces 
  • Indicolite Boots 
  • Intricate Defiant Plate Gauntlets 
  • Legends of Norrath: Dorvias 
  • Minor Signet of the Dark Knight 
  • Part of Keris' Dissertation Pg. 5 [right side] 
  • Ruby 
  • Rune Etched Bracer 
  • Rune of Ap`Sagor 
  • Shiverback-hide Boots 
  • Thorny Vine Boots 
  • Valorium Greaves 
  • Vermiculated Bracelet    

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