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Both Ninja gaiden and ninja gaiden 2 feature Ryu's clan's village. In both instances it is almost exclusively either under siege, on fire, and more often both. The first time all of his clan was killed except his father, Joe (who was on vacation) by samurai under the direction of the Lord of the Greater Fiends, Doku. There Ryu had a showdown with Doku and was left in a pool of his own blood. Later he came back to the hayabusa village to retrieve the Eye of the Dragon that restores Ryu's sword to the True Dragon sword, the strongest sword in the game. In Ninja Gaiden 2, we again come back to see the place lit aflame but under attack this time by (wait for it) ninja's. This time it is Ryu's rival Black Spider Ninja clan under the direction of their recently appointed leader Genshin. Apparently, the Dragon clan was hiding the Demon Statue in an upper room. It has the ability to ressurect the four elemental greater fiends as well as the archfiend that could bring about the destruction of mankind. In a replay of Ninja Gaiden 1, Ryu comes back to his home village later to retrieve the eye of the dragon once more as the True Dragon sword is needed once more.

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