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 The Dark Dragon Blade is a sword carved out of the bones of a black dragon.  It is a sword of terrible evil and power because it contains the souls of vanquished black dragons with-in it.  It is said that if the blades seal were ever to be broken that it would gather the hatred and evil of all mankind, inferring it upon the person wielding the blade, literally turning that person into the devil incarnate.  Because of the sword's incredible capacity for evil it is protected by the members of the Hayabusa Ninja Clan and kept safely in the security of their village.

In Ninja Gaiden( and remakes Black and Sigma) the Dark Dragon Blade is stolen by the dark samurai Doku, a Greater Fiend of the Vigoor Empire.  Ryu Hayabusa goes to the Vigoor Empire to reaquire the blade and eventually finds it in the hands of the Holy Vigoor Emporer.  After reaquiring the Dark Dragon Blade Ryu uses the Dragon Sword to destroy the Dark Dragon Blade.

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