Freee to play - Whos with me?

#1 Posted by Pitta (182 posts) -

I cant be the only one that like the game when it was new - Any bombers wanna get in on this now that its free?

#2 Posted by JJWeatherman (14558 posts) -

I had no idea it went free to play... 
Where do I get it?

#3 Posted by emem (1968 posts) -

I remember watching the amazing CGI trailers and being extremely disappointed when actually playing it (beta). There was so much talk about it being revolutionary, WoW killer etc.. I didn't really like it.

Maybe I'll take a look at what they've come up with for their reboot or whatever they want to call it. It would be cool if you guys could write a little bit about it and include some screenshots for lazy people and people who have to finish 12 other games first.. well, basically for me. :)

#4 Posted by ThePaleKing (613 posts) -

I actually loved this game, due in most part, I think, to the fact that I got exactly what I was expecting, whereas I believe many people thought they were buying something completely different. Played it mostly solo, loved the aesthetics of the game, and some of the boss fights were truly spectacular.  
Don't have much interest in getting back into it now, and the free to play (of which I am not a fan) aspect of it doesn't help motivate me. 

#5 Posted by Althox (293 posts) -

Love the game in the first beta, and when it came live. And now when it've been revived, I'm active once more! IGN: Artiomska

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