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The year is 2712, you're in control of a highly sophisticated group of mercenaries sent into a rescue mission, which turns out to be something completely different. When you start facing genetically enhanced creatures, you realize that something does not quite add up.  
When you first load up the game and you enter the main menu screen you'll definitely notice that the music in the game is of high quality. Before entering the arenas, you choose your squad and characters for which you want to take on a particular mission. You can pick four in total, as you can imagine each character you choose has their own strengths & weaknesses. As an example of this, one of the characters is a medic and when you start she'll be equipped with all the med kits and food (namely apples) which will help your team in times of need. There is another member who is some kind of android and can equip heavy weapons and starts the game with a kind of advanced version of the mini gun. 

When you have chosen your team of bad asses you'll be prompted with the map display where you get to choose which missions to go on. It's very linear but you can still choose which path you want to take when you complete the mission and some missions may open up 2 different paths - one might be slightly easier then the other. One thing you'll really notice about the map screen is just how beautifully detailed it is. 

Going through the mission can get a bit confusing at times as there aren't any clear cut paths to take, you just load up and go. The screen is split up into 4 sections - each with a first-person perspective of the four members you chose before you entered the main game. The game starts off slowly, you hunting around in various environments opening and closing doors, finding keys and solving puzzles. If you don't pay attention to what's going on with all members of your party you can quickly start losing your mercs when the enemies appear and the game can start to get pretty difficult.  
One of the biggest things that really impressed me with this game was the sound of all the weapons in the game, they sound absolutely awesome and it gives such a damn rush letting off several hundred rounds down a corridor. Overall this is one of the best games to play and you wont feel disappointed after spending a few hours killing stuff.

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