So, why would I use anything but the Silverballer?

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It's silenced and for the most part accurate. I just don't get why I would use any other weapon than than that or the fiber wire. Both weapons you get from the start and have worked out really well so far, but if there are all of these other weapons in the game that don't work as well, why would I use them?

[Spoiler for the 4th mission but no story stuff.] For example, I'm on the mission in the opera house in Paris. I got the suit for the painter/workers. I go down to the floor where there are some guys. I have the Silverballer in my inventory, but on the ground is a nail gun. What would compel me to use the nail gun over my silenced pistol? Or another example is knife over fiber wire...why would I ever do that! Fiber wire leaves no blood! Knives do! Someone please explain why I should be using these misc weapons or even if I should please because I don't understand it.

Also, is there a reason to choose the assault rifles and smgs if I want to play stealthy?

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Nope. Personally I dont use any guns. I like making every hit look like an accident. Much more fun. Its fun to do rampages through levels later though with a fully loaded M4 though.

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favorite way to play the Hitman games after Silent Assassin is

Use the wire of a knife

Absolution adding the ability to throw knifes which to me was glorious

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Durr. Because its awesome.

You shoot a guy with a nail gun! How is that not cool!? And the knife can be thrown, it looks great. The bottles are fun too.

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For me the poison/sleeper needles are the key weapon. Those will net you Silent Assassin ratings more than probably any non-environmental weapon, and are really helpful in setting up those environmental kills too (like knocking out FBI agents by putting drugs in their donuts and stealing their uniforms and shit).

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You wouldn't.

This was the dumbest part of the game, that there was any focus on weapons... but I guess if people enjoy the shooting that much somehow, you can get your other guns.

I wouldn't even bring the pistol.

@TobbRobb said:

And the knife can be thrown, it looks great. The bottles are fun too.

Wrong game dawg. Blood Money here.

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Alright thanks a lot everybody. I just assumed since they were all in there that there was a specific reason to use the other weapons :/

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When I'm playing seriously in any Hitman game, guns are a no-go. But because the levels are so rich for replay value, sometimes it can be fun starting a mission with a shotgun and just running around blasting everything in your way to see how long you can last. Plus if I happen to fuck up a mission when I'm trying to be stealthy, I usually find it to be a funny way to relieve the frustration by pulling out my guns and watching the rag dolls go soaring.

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I like the kitchen knife...

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@MistaSparkle: You can run around with the nail gun equipped if you have the workers outfit, and it's possible to kill the actor guy with it and make it count as an accident.

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@CaptainTightPants said:

You can run around with the nail gun equipped if you have the workers outfit, and it's possible to kill the actor guy with it and make it count as an accident.

Dang.. I had no idea! Seriously, I've played through the entirety of Blood Money a few times and it never even occurred to me. What a game... Hell, what a series! Damn shame that Absolution had to take the series in such a different direction like it did.

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I think the most fun I've had with levels in Blood Money was when I set out to apply the hiking/camping philosophy of "take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints." I wouldn't want someone to find a body and ask a rhetorical "oh how could such a horrible thing have happened?" If someone was going to find any of the bodies, I'd want a baffled "no seriously, how the fuck DID that happen?"

*Edit: Although now that I think about it, there ARE some specific reasons why you might want to use these other weapons,

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@CaptainTightPants: Woah, really!? That's awesome, I might need to do that if I can't get the suit for the performer guy...

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So why would I use anything but the fibre wire?

There, I fixed it for you.

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@ArtisanBreads: Wow, I feel silly now.

Well it was a fair assumption that it was probably the new one? Right right? XD

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I don't know, but screw absolution. I got all the achievements for blood money. That means every gun collected. Game beaten on every difficulty. SA's on at least 5 of every difficulty. ANd then absolution comes along and throws away just about everything that made the series so awesome.

edit: to actually add to the conversation, you can use the sniper on the target in the opera when the fake shot is fired, and its an accident.

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I never bothered too much with the assassination set ups in the older games, but in Blood Money I always would go for the set kill when possible and the piano wire otherwise.

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@MistaSparkle: Those other weapons were there to encourage experimentation and add variety to the levels. There is no real incentive for you to use them from a gameplay perspective. They're mostly there so you can get a change of pace from time to time when murdering people. Also this isn't a huge spoiler but you lose the silverballers for quite a few mission at one point.

To answer your other question, if you want to play stealthy you probably shouldn't be using any firearms, not even the silverballers, and probably shouldn't even be using the wire - just silent knockdowns.

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They're there to appeal to modern military FPS meatheads, even though Hitman is not the game for them at all if they just want to walk into every mission guns blazing.

I also thought it was funny that Deus Ex: HR had all of these unsilenced automatic weapons and a shotgun that you should basically NEVER used outside of boss battles, because unlike Dishonored, you really can't play HR as anything but a stealth game. You die in like 3 hits, and enemies are huge bullet sponges unless you get headshots.

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@TobbRobb said:

@ArtisanBreads: Wow, I feel silly now.

Well it was a fair assumption that it was probably the new one? Right right? XD

haha yeah sure.

But turns out he's talking about the BEST one.

It is just funny though if you played a lot of Blood Money. All there is to spend money on is basically the guns and they are all dumb.

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@Yummylee: I do hope they return to the regular Hitman formula, or move away from the focus on straightforward stealth; however, I did enjoy Absolution and the Contracts mode is absolute gold.

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