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The player can choose to play as a business man, a housewife, or a student. The business man is overall balanced while the housewife has the most life and the student the best intelligence. Rooms are displayed with a hexagon grid, each object or person utilizing a single hexagon. Blue areas marked on the screen are the available for the player's movement; red areas are restricted. Action is turn based, the cockroaches moving only once the player has decided on their plan of action.

When facing the "army" of cockroaches, the player may strategically place hoi hoi (glue traps) to stifle their advance. Multiple hoi hoi can be stacked on a single tile yet a single hoi hoi can only stop one cockroach at a time.

Alternatively, the player has the choice of moving next to a cockroach to beat them back. They must arm themselves by equipping themselves with the slippers and spray cans placed on the map. Each "weapon" can be used multiple times once gained, yet they have a percentage limit marked at the left side of the screen. The character type determines how long each weapon can last before it breaks. If a cockroach is on the item's hexagon, the player will not be able to use it.

Cockroaches progressively grow in numbers as the player progresses, similar to most tower defense games. The player can check their progress by reading the cockroaches' angry text responses at the bottom of the screen. While the game plays a lot like a war simulation, it has a cartoony and light-hearted touch to it.

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