Pending Court Approval, Gearbox Now Owns the Homeworld Franchise

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Tiny Tina, the heart of the third Mothership.

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Paradox was one of the bidders? Now that is a damn shame.

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I instantly saw a terribly unpolished zombie Homeworld 3 flashing in front of my eyes.

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Anything that Gearbox makes that isn't their own IP has been kind of bad. But I guess all they are doing for now will be putting the old games on steam so fair play for wanting to do that

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Great, now let's look forward to them running another franchise into the ground.

A bit harsh perhaps, but with Gearbox there's no telling how it's gonna turn out.

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Homeworld is dead, long live Homeworld.

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Awaiting "Homeworld Bound: The Incredible Journey."

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Gearbox buying homeworld really is a terrible thing imo, even if they've made SOME decent games (BL doesn't have that much outside LOOT and MEMES) they've never made any, even bad RTS games.

I'm pretty sure they've never made any space game either, oh, and the core of homeworld being it's atmosphere and story, well... yeah, no, GB ain't pulling this fucker off! I'll see you in 2015 when I'm right! If I'm wrong, I'll be happy to be so

I guess moral of the story is, sometimes dead is better.

Also, Homeworld: Cataclysm = Best homeworld! What, wanna fight about it?

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Oh internet. That's all I got since most of you already have embarrassed yourselves horribly.

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I'm glad someone picked it up and I'll put my faith in Gearbox to pull something cool off with it, even if it's just like an HD collection or something. It's kind of nice that they put out an all call outreach to everyone too, so hopefully any skilled fans will be able to contribute in a meaningful way.

And I realize that the games themselves will cost money to make, and plenty of it, but goddamn those are some low price for IPs (unless I'm crazy but... sheesh. 4.9mil for some franchises that still carry a little punch in their name is crazy. The potential behind a new studio picking up DAH!, Darksiders and RF is crazy, though let's be real, they haven't exactly done anything to prove themselves.)

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@rahvar: the bands of brothers look alike game were alright.

at least some of them... if I remember correctly

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Yeah, because Gearbox has a great history of taking other IPs and giving them the games they deserve!

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I'm seriously going to cry if they turn homeworld into a fps

On the bright side, homeworld on steam finally?

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"to preserve and assemble the purest form of the original acclaimed and beloved games, [...] with the intent of making them accessible on today's leading digital platforms." well, goodbye Homeworld.

Honestly, I could see the Homeworld games working perfectly fine with a gamepad, or better yet, something like the Vita, WiiU or (3)DS. It's not like the mouse was the most optimal device to navigate 3D space with either, but using triggers or shoulder buttons for moving along the Z axis wouldn't be any more awkward than using modifier keys like they did in Homeworld 1 (never played much of Cataclysm or HW2, so I can't remember if they made that work better in later entries).

I am a bit worried when it comes to Gearbox though, they aren't exactly a proven RTS developer or publisher, unlike many of the guys they were bidding against.

I hope we won't see an cinematic, cover based, loot driven third person space combat game with all the cool memes and kinda terrible AI.

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@rahvar said:

Bar Borderlands 1 and 2, has gearbox even made any decent games?

Nope. Borderlands 2 also erased my badass ranks on me so I think it sucks too haha

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The saddest news is that Nordic also has the rights to Stacking and Costume Quest, as Double Fine wasn't able to buy the rights back for whatever reason.

Really? Where did you hear that? I'd imagine most of Double Fine's extra cash is going towards their adventure game as the scope for that has increased.

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I'm surprised no one is talking about Darksiders and Red Faction going to some random Swedish publisher.

I have no idea who Nordic Games publishing is so for all I know they could be another mafia run video game publisher looking to churn out some shit for cash. I have no way to know yet what their deal is.

Well, they do own the remains of JoWood, which while not exactly the most obvious fit for Red Faction, did publish a bunch of somewhat well regarded RPG's and strategy games, such as the Gothic series and The Guild games, so I could kinda see Darksiders working there. They also published the hit-and-miss Painkiller series, though, so they aren't exactly unfamiliar with shooters.

The reason so few are mentioning it in the comments is probably that in the original article there was no mention of it, Alex added the line about Nordic Games a couple of hours later.

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Good, now *someone* can get this series back up on Steam/GOG/everything else. Seriously, I don't have my discs anymore, and I don't even know if Homeworld 2 will run on Windows 7 x64 without any fuss.

I haven't gone through all the comments to see if this has been replied to yet, but GOOD NEWS, Homeworld 2 does run on win 7 x64, I have the game and play it regularly. :) (It runs great in compatibility mode with v sync on)

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This just makes me sad to see the Homeworld license being taken away from Relic.

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This is unforgivable. Gearbox outbid developers who could actually do it justice. They can't do rts and they definitely can't do the tone. What are they thinking?

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For whatever reason, Gearbox is a total and complete shit quality developer if the title isn't an IP they came up with. Big news here is that an even crappier Homeworld game may be coming to store shelves in the next few years.

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All gearbox would have to do to make me happy is make Homeworld 1 & 2 available on GOG or Steam.

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Peace is a word we teach

A place for us all to reeeeeeach

Sing as it sings to you

As it sings to me

As I will always need you inside my heeeaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrt

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@mideonnviscera:Half-Life: Opposing Force is the best of the single-player expansions for that game.

Gearbox Software also ported a pretty good version of Samba de Amigo to the Wii a while back. Probably where SEGA decided to give them a ton of money to develop Aliens: Colonial Marines.

Ports and expansions for others' games, Duke Nukem Forever, they're like the bottom feeders of videogame developers. Borderlands was good multiplayer though, I will never deny them that.

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You guys aren't all a bit heavy on the melodrama eh? RTS is outside of their comfort zone, but I guess you guys all wrote SpaceMarine off with the same fervor when it was announced. It's outside of Relics comfort zone after all.

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There isn't a single Gearbox game that I've liked. I like Homeworld. Shit...

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@landon said:

@oldirtybearon said:

@rahvar said:

Bar Borderlands 1 and 2, has gearbox even made any decent games?

The only real blemish on their record is Colonial Marines.

You just gonna ignore Duke Nukem?

Can't blame them for Duke, all they did was polish a turd.

Agreed. They pretty much took what was there and just kind of got it out there since it had been in development so long. I kind of figured they knew there was -no- living up to such a huge pre-production hype... I mean... what game could? I just hope with owning the rights that if/when they do put out another Duke title it will be a better product as a whole. I still got my kicks out of DNF but much more is left to be mined imo.

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