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Honningbrew Meadery is a meadery owned by Sabjorn located slightly south-east of Whiterun. The meadery is a direct competitor to Black-Briar Meadery. In the Thieves Guild quest "Dampened Spirits" Maven Black-Briar, the owner of Black-Briar Meadery, isn't happy with this competition and sends Dovahkiin to Honningbrew Meadery to sabotage Sabjorn's mead-tasting with the commander of Whiterun's guard (Sinmir or Commander Caius, depending on progression of the civil war storyline) by poisoning the mead After the commander has been poisoned, Sabjorn will be arrested with Mallus Maccius being put in charge and the Black-Briar Meadery taking over.

The Honningbrew Meadery is split into two buildings, the Honningbrew Meadery and the Honningbrew Boilery. The boilery and the meadery are connected together by Honningbrew Basement, which is inhabited by frostbite spiders, skeevers and Hamelyn, a madman hermit wizard that was expelled from the College of Winterhold and took to hiding under the meadery while breeding an army of skeevers to take his revenge.


EimarWoker at the Honningbrew Meadery.
Mallus MacciusWorker. Takes over Honningbrew after Black-Briar takes over.
SabjornOwner of the Honningbrew Meadery.

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