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Loksey is one of the leaders of the Scarlet Crusade, and is the one that trains their deadly hyenas, used to both track down and kill their targets. He apparently has a brother named Huntsman Leopold, leading to believe that Loksey is his first name.  Loksey is part of the quests In the Name of the Light (for Alliance) and Into the Scarlet Monastery (for Horde) which is to kill the four leaders of the Monastery.


Loksey is guarded by three hyenas that has to be fought at the same time as you fight hime. These hounds are open for all kinds of CC (Crowd controlling) that works on beasts. The usual tactic is to hold 1-2 hounds CC'd, and then let the DPS focus their attacks on one hound at a time until all of the hounds are dead. When this happens, the party should begin focusing their DPS on the Houndsmaster. At 25% he enrages.

If you lack CC that keep the mobs still and out of combat , you might want to clear the courtyard near Loksey and use fear to take some of the hounds away from combat.


Loksey's Training Stick - Staff for Hunters/Druids
Dog Training Gloves - Leather Gloves
Dog Whistle - A special item which lets you summon a hyena companion.

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