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The High Standard-10 is a unique bullpup shotgun, designed during the 1950s. Rather uniquely, the HS-10, as it is also known, has a bullpup-based design. The HS-10 was designed during the 1950s by a Santa Monica police officer called Albert Crouch. He sought to design the ultimate weapon for breaching and entering a room: it comes as no surprise that the weapon comes with an integrated flashlight for this very reason. The HS-10 shotgun has a magazine capacity of four shells, though a magazine tube extension offered storage for an additional two shells. 
The HS-10 was approached with interest by different law enforcement agencies, who acquired several of the HS-10 shotguns during the late 1960s and early 1970s. It did not take long for them to discover shortcomings with this supposedly revolutionary new shotgun. The HS-10 actually punished left-handed shooters, as the weapon ejected spent cartridges to the right with considerable force. This meant that the weapon could not be fired by a left-handed shooter. In actuality, the HS-10 came with a warning that it should not be fired from the left shoulder. 

Game Appearances

Call of Duty: Black Ops

 The HS-10, as it appears in the menus
The HS-10 is the 'Classified' shotgun available in the online multiplayer mode of Treyarch's Call of Duty: Black Ops. Costing 2000 CoD Points, the weapon can be unlocked from Rank 24 onwards. Should the cost of other shotguns be factored in, the weapon costs a total of 6000 CoD Points. The Olympia is a default unlock, meaning the Ithaca 37 'Stakeout' and SPAS-12 must be purchased, as well as the HS-10 itself.  The HS-10 has a relatively average range, and can be 'Dual Wielded' in online play. This is incorrect as the HS-10 ejected shells in a manner that made firing from the left shoulder hazardous to the shooter. 
The HS-10 also appears in Black Ops' Zombies mode, but it can only be acquired through the Random Box. The HS-10 depicted in Zombies has a six round magazine, and sufficient power. Should the HS-10 be placed in the Pack-a-Punch machine, it becomes the 'Typhoid and Mary', gaining an additional two rounds per magazine, and the Dual Wield attachment. Accuracy takes a blow due to dual wield being included, but Typhoid and Mary can be reloaded at once, as opposed to individual shotgun shells.

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