Is H.U.N.K. Alex Wesker ?

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Correct me if I'm wrong , but I've heard that Albert Wesker had a clone , another survivor of "Project Wesker" by the the name of Alex , I've never heard anything else about him though , so I'm just wondering , could it be this guy ? I mean , it would explain how he was so successful with his missions wouldn't it ?

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Personaly I think he's just a dude with a mask, and I don't really think they have a reason to reveal who he is, just as long as it's not Raiden.

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I want to tell you you're wrong, but only because I've never thought about it before, and I really... don't think it's him. It's interesting you brought that up though, and if that's true, maybe we'll get a Resident Evil 6. By the way, not that I care in a negative way because I'm still very much interested in where RE will head when it comes to future projects, but why do you bring this up out of the blue? Just a random thought as you play a Resident Evil game?

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I doubt it. He didn't look like a Wesker clone in his RE3 epilogue. Besides, him being a clone totally ruins what makes that character awesome. He is just some bad ass dude that has some inexplicable ability to survive pretty much anything. I think Capcom wants to move away from that storyline as well and take the series in a whole new direction. RE5 wrapped up the Wesker/Umbrella storyline well enough.

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