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Good But Overpriced 0

Vector Unit’s Hydro Thunder Hurricane is the first official sequel to the arcade and Dreamcast classic Hydro Thunder. This new game takes what midway did way back in 1999 and adds some up-to-date tech to the formula. Water physics have improved and so have the in-game graphics, but have the improvements to Hydro Thunder Hurricane given the game what it takes to hang with the rest of the Summer Of Arcade heavyweights? Lets find out. Hydro Thunder Hurricane is all about simple fun racing, th...

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Fast, Fun, and Pretty 0

I don't really have that much experience with the original Hydro Thunder. It was always a game that was around at the local Nickel City but was always occupied with players both playing and waiting to play. I found myself playing things that were open and available most of the time. The times I did play it, it seemed like a perfectly fast, fun, and colorful water racing game.I am happy to say that this new entry in the series is exactly that. It's pretty fast, it's very fun, and the cours...

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Hydro Thunder Hurricane Review 0

By - Craig H.Hydro Thunder brings a great amount of nostalgia for arcade fans. The original water racer was an arcade classic and Hydro Thunder Hurricane does not stray too far from the proven path. The game keeps the same arcade feel and reminds you of what you have been missing since the last time you visited the arcade.The controls take a bit to get use to and for this reason the game gets off to a bumpy start. Picking up the game for the first time with the first available boats will send yo...

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First off let me say I was a big fan of the Dreamcast version.  Of all the XBLA summer titles coming out this is the only one that I knew I was going to buy.  So what makes this game worth the money.  The graphics and animations are great in this classic arcade style game, some of the best Ive seen on the XBLA marketplace.  The gauntlet and ring modes add plenty to the gameplay, mostly the ring mode which I suggest playing just to find some shortcuts that you may miss playing only races.  The be...

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Rock You Like a Hurricane 0

 Hydro Thunder Hurricane is the latest racer to hit the XBox Live Arcade. As the name suggests, it takes place entirely on water. The game is a throwback to the arcade racers of the late 90′s. Realism isn’t something you’re going to find here. It’s all about insane speed and huge air. The game contains 8 courses, some of which are point-to-point and some of which are circuits. But the beauty of both types of tracks are the various shortcuts and hidden paths through. You’ll find hazards alo...

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Hydro Thunder is an arcade adrenaline fuelled boat racer! 0

Gamers might remember the title Hydro Thunder from 11 years ago when it arrived for the launch of Sega’s Dreamcast. If you never had a Dreamcast then you might have seen it in the arcades, if you were lucky to have one near your area. Hydro Thunder was a popular Midway-published speedboat racer that would let players select a boat, track, and then race on some very creative water-based courses.Back then, Hydro Thunder was best known for its easy pick-up-and-play feel, which led to plenty of fun,...

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Good Fun 4

Yeah...You get 1200pts when you buy all the games for the five weeks.......I downloaded this as a must for my quest of the points. This is fun!!! If only my lawyers boat will make those epic drops!!! Between all the madness of playing Deadly Premonition and so many friggin JRPS's...this definately offers some whacky and zany alternative... I said 'whacky' and 'zany'.....that should definitely be worth XP on Giant Bomb!!!...

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Giant Serpent Whirlpool! 0

 Arcade racing games are a penny a piece, but arcade boat racing games? Hydro Thunder Hurricane fills a void in the XBLA Marketplace as it represents a rare type of racing game, one that actually involves boats and that actually does it well. The game is as simple as it sounds, but still manages to provide hours of fun and endless replayability.As with standard arcade racing fare, the game puts you behind the wheel of various boats in different game modes including basic races, as well as events...

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