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Ice Trek is one of a number of Imagic titles developed exclusively for the Intellivision; unlike Atlantis or Dragonfire, it was not later ported to the Atari 2600 or other systems.
Taking the role of a warrior named Vali, the player must cross the Nordic countryside in order to destroy the Ice Palace of Kaltkron.
The first level consists of a side scrolling forest, in which the player must cross-country ski to avoid both trees and waves of oncoming caribou.  Caribou that cannot be avoided may be shot with arrows, but this can invoke the wrath of a goddess who will appear on the corner of the screen and attempt to shot down the player in kind.
The second level charges the player with crossing a wide expansive of water, from the bottom to the top.  Using a grappling hook, the player must drag chunks of floating ice to add to the length of the ice bridge.  The player is also armed with a torch, to shoot fireballs at those pieces of ice that are aimed towards the completed pieces of bridge.  If those pieces do manage to hit the bridge, that part of the span will break off and float away.  Time is of the essence, as too much time spent on the ice will cause Vali to turn blue and eventually freeze to death.
In the final screen, the player must take out enemies who are perched along the top of the fortress using his fireball spitting torch.  The enemies in kind will fire back at the player with black crystals, and are protected by ice blocks that must be shot away first.  Once all enemies are defeated, the ice fortress will collapse on itself in an ending cinematic.  The game then begins again with the first level, but with an increase in difficulty level.

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