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The game was released only in Japan, but has found its way into the homes of Anglophones by means of the internet and fan translations. 
The game is also available on the Japanese Virtual Console for Nintendo Wii.


The game plays much like Technos's other sports titles on the NES, such as Nintendo World Cup.  The scores will be much higher than in typical real-life ice hockey matches, and players get the puck away from the other team most commonly by simply hitting them with their stick.  In the game, this is not a penalty like it is in real-life. 

 Winding up for a slap shot.
 Players can pass and shoot and control their own goaltender with the directional pad at all times, pressing A to make a save.  However, powerful, charge-up shots can overpower goalies. 
As is the case in other Technos games, players can get fatigued and will show frustration when on the ice. 
Players will assign characters to one of four positions before a period starts, based on three attributes: speed, power, and defense.  The four positions are center, winger, defense, and goalie.   Also, before each match, the player selects a kit for his team to wear, each of which has its own biases towards speed, power, and defense.  Some of these kits, like the samurai kit and baseball kit, have unusual "hockey sticks" such as baseball bats.  These kits are unlocked as you progress through the game and beat, for instance, the local baseball team and the local samurai dojo.

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