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Inherit the Earth: The Quest for the Orb is a point-and-click adventure game originally released in 1994 by Wyrmkeep Entertainment. The game takes place in a world populated by genetically engineered anthropomorphic animals created by the Humans, who are now extinct. While the game takes place after the era of Humanity, the entire feel of the world is of medieval Europe.

The playable character is a young red fox named Rif, who travels with his sweetheart Rhene to compete in a puzzle contest. The trip becomes far more complicated, however, after it is revealed that the fabled Orb of Storms has been stolen, and Rif is accused of the theft by the Boar King. Rif is charged to prove his innocence while being closely guarded by Eeah, an elk and Okk, a boar. To further ensure the completion of his task, Rhene is held hostage by the Boar King until Rif either confesses to the crime or solves the case on his own. To solve the mystery, Rif, Eeah, and Okk will interact with other foxes, boars, and elks, as well as rats, cats, ferrets, and hares.

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