Did I screw myself out of access cards?

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I want to buy the bound exp for matches, but I'm worried once you hit level 100 you can't get anymore since you no longer gain levels, and I think you need 80 for the Hoarder achievement. Do we only get 100 access cards the whole time, meaning I can only spend 20 before I void myself of the achievement

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1. You're not getting to 100 any time this century so don't worry too much about that

2. Don't buy any boosts since it doesn't come remotely close to outpacing how much experience you need past around level 55; 73-74 is over 400k experience.

You do get 2 regular access cards every level over 50 so you only have to get to 65 I guess? Assuming you don't spend any; 50-65 is still at least a million experience though.

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Okay that's good then, I just hit 50 last night. Thank you!

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You can level above 100 or at least that's the impression I had. In the quick look there was someone who had level 512 but then again that could have been hacked so who knows.

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