So theres actually a "gimped" ios version of this game

#1 Posted by mrfluke (5661 posts) -

i say "gimped" cause it doesn't have the story mode in it and all the other features, but it still graphically looks impressive and the "essence" of the console game seems to be still there. and plus its free and the gameplay is in the style of the arkham ios game (which was pretty good for a touch game)

(theres in app purchases, but dude said numerous times you don't really need to spend money to unlock the characters as you can earn the "currency" in the game)

and then you can unlock costumes in the ios game that can be used in the console game

very cool, they only give a date of "very soon" so id have to imagine this would come out a week before the console games, will be definitely picking it up. cause hell if nothing else, it is free after all.

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