Get To Know the World Of Trenched Through Its Intro

#1 Posted by Jackhole (381 posts) -

Trenched looks pretty good.

#2 Edited by sparks50 (373 posts) -

A walking TV!

#3 Posted by bslayer (222 posts) -

good 'ol double fine

#4 Posted by Cabbage_TheMan (240 posts) -

why oh why can't this be on PSN?!

#5 Posted by AngryRedPlumber (215 posts) -

I love it!

#6 Posted by Zeemod (303 posts) -

Wow! pretty interested. Story's lookin' solid, but right now the gameplay will either make it or break it.

#7 Posted by Getz (3098 posts) -

Haha, the magazine covers are great.  

#8 Posted by JJ_FIGGY (93 posts) -

fuckin TUBES!

#9 Edited by Amos (19 posts) -

That guy's beard looks like a he has two mustaches!  What can be more manly than having TWO MUSTACHES!?

#10 Edited by Jolt92 (1559 posts) -
@Amos: Three penises. 
This is the first motion comic I haven't absolutely hated. This one is even pretty good!
#11 Posted by sixpin (1297 posts) -

This looks great. I've gone from mildly interested to now I need a Quick Look. Some actual gameplay video could earn my purchase.

#12 Posted by kennybaese (671 posts) -

This looks great. If only this thing was on PSN, like I think someone else mentioned. Also, *insert PSN joke here*

#13 Posted by Kontrapunkt (413 posts) -

Radio that burns your eyes!! OH GOD!!! 
Looks really neat.

#14 Posted by Xpgamer7 (2384 posts) -

For a minute I thought it was going to tell me Media is bad. Then Robots vs. Monsters happened.

#15 Posted by rmanthorp (4009 posts) -


Moderator Online
#16 Posted by D_W (1179 posts) -

If only this was coming out on PSN or PC.

#17 Posted by AssInAss (2669 posts) -

Double Fine killing it with these downloadable games. 

#18 Posted by DBagalot (159 posts) -

Looks cool. I'll definitely be getting this on xbox. Idk why it's not on psn also. 

#19 Posted by Daveyo520 (6862 posts) -

 I want this game!

#20 Posted by Xeiphyer (5606 posts) -

I cant believe they aren't releasing this on PSN. I really don't want to purchase it on XBL.

#21 Posted by MajesticOverlord (183 posts) -

The sole purpose of purchasing this game, for me that is, is to hear some more of that badass voice acting. 

#22 Posted by blacklab (1570 posts) -

Whoa. This vid was not at all what I was expecting and did it's job: I am now JACKED UP for this game.  It better not be a sleight of hand snow job like Brutal Legend.

#23 Posted by bwooduhs (1618 posts) -

I need to see a quicklook to sell me on this.

#24 Posted by AURON570 (1674 posts) -

That was great. I actually had to think again to realize what they were talking about. Then I started laughing. :)

#25 Posted by SaturdayNightSpecials (2417 posts) -

Devil weasels killed my family! RZZZZZ

#26 Posted by MeatSim (10896 posts) -

A tower defense game I actually care about.

#27 Posted by WiqidBritt (578 posts) -

Farnsworth went mad an invented the television... because of course, his name is Farnsworth.

#28 Posted by chem (162 posts) -
@IntramanDW said:
If only this was coming out on PSN or PC.
#29 Posted by NightSkies (24 posts) -

So excited for this game!  Really enjoying Doublefine's new downloadable game direction..

#30 Posted by LOZZAT (252 posts) -

All these Double Fine games have been great! I like many others here want this on PSN though :/ 

#31 Posted by BonOrbitz (2216 posts) -

Why help those without legs, when you can help those WHO CANNOT SEE?!

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