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    Shovel Knight, moving 2D->3D Progression?

    NOTE: I recently watched half of the Shovel Knight QL, and intended the following to be a comment on it. But the post turned out longer and more reflective than originally intended so here it is:I jus...

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    This game looks great! Also something about driving a truck, over a long distance, slowly bobbing along is incredibly adorable and endearing. =3

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    LOL at around 13:00 for a few seconds I thought Patrick was a ghost looking out one of the windows of the building. THAT freaked ME OUT.

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    I've always wanted to get into the Sims, but the amount of DLC/expansions (also me having an average/below average PC) for previous Sims has turned me off.The concept of Sims is just totally fascinati...

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    I still want to get around to watching the anime.. which is available at Crunchyroll.com