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Just got the retail version. O.o" Unsurprisingly I still suck at this game xD. Feel free to add me for light play.. psn: AURON570.

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Quick question about general table manners that has been bugging me for a while. I'm the quiet type, so usually at the dinner table I spend more time eating and listening to others talk than talking myself.

Sometimes when my mouth is full, someone (in this case my mom) will ask me a question when I clearly have my mouth full and stare at me waiting for an answer. Usually one of two things happen, either I garble out an answer she can't understand, at which point she scolds me for speaking unclearly and with my mouth full OR I continue chewing intending to answer after I have properly chewed and swallowed the food stuff (choking is no joke). At which point my mom repeats the question thinking I'm deaf, and she along with whoever else is at the table stares at me waiting for an answer.

I don't really see a good way of dealing with this situation, and it kind of feels like I'm being mildly verbally assaulted each time this (or something like it) happens. When I raised this point to her, saying that I can't talk with my mouth full and how I think it's pretty rude to knowingly push someone to talk who has their mouth full. When I told her this, she just sarcastically replied "ohh okay I'll make sure to not talk to you when you have your mouth full".

So my question is, how do you "properly" excuse yourself from talking with your mouth full?

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You guys mean $79 right? (tax included) Or is this another one of those "things are cheaper in US" things? I guess this will still be great for people who have a ps4, but have not played Last of Us yet. I have trouble imagining how much better it could look, but I guess Ground Zeroes might be a good example of console graphics differences for a game.

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About Sarah: Just because someone is sensitive doesn't mean they have a psychological disorder. Also even if they did have a psychological disorder that would not preclude being able to appreciate the character in a nuanced way.

It's this kind of negative, jumpthegun, armchair psychological assessment that continues to prevent people from opening up and understanding more sensitive characters like Shinji from Evangelion or Kasuga from the recent Flowers of Evil.

I'm not saying Sarah has the same depth or nuance as either of those characters. But automatically calling Sarah a basket case can stiffen your way of thinking about her character as the story progresses.

It's the same reason that saying "oh that person has depression, so that explains their behavior" actually helps perpetuate the stigmatization of mental illness, by stopping at that conclusion and not thinking further about why that person might behave or think the way they do.

Carver is right, you don't really know what any of these guys have been through before. It may be convenient to label them by handy heuristics like basket case, protective father, black pregnant lady etc. But we should only do so in a flexible manner, to allow for a deeper understanding of the characters going forward, the role they play in the story etc. And THEN turn it around and examine our own expectations and interpretations as we approach the story and characters.

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I had a similar experience with Demons' Souls. Bought it roughly 2 years ago. Even though I ended up looking at the wiki and stuff quite a bit, and farmed, it still felt like an accomplishment. I haven't played Dark Souls, but I'm considering picking up Dark Souls II when it drops. I still don't know if "hard" or "difficult" are the right words to describe the Souls games, oh well.

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I was roughly 7 years old when this came out, and remember wanting to buy it just because it was made by Squaresoft. I think my parents said no and never ended up getting it. Also my excitement ("omg Squaresoft game, must buy!") was because Final Fantasy 7 was literally the first game that made me care about video games, so yeah. Good to know that this game was a gem, and perhaps I will get around the playing it some day... But for now I'm busy and content with waiting for the FFX/X-2 HD collection and MGSV.

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I'm pretty sure Ellie said she was joking when she said the pages are stuck together. In any case it never occurred to me until that scene that Bill might even be remotely gay/bisexual. What made his character interesting didn't revolve around that fact, so I find it weird that people seem to want to bring it up so much. What makes his character interesting is that he's human, and I agree more human-like characters in games would be awesome. I'm just not sure we need to point out every time a current minority is represented in a game, whether it is a positive/negative/humanistic representation. In other words.. Bill might have been gay/bisexual, so what?

SKIP TO around 4:30 for the scene where Ellie makes the joke.

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Still not sold on Gone Home.. I mean it just kind of reminds me of that feature in games where you can view a 3d model of an object and read its description.. Like how you could view treasures in the Uncharted games, or something similar.. and that's all I see in the gameplay. I think I need this game to be spoiled for me, because "sorry I don't want to spoil it for you, it's sooo good you have to play it for yourself" isn't really doing anything to get me any more interested in the game. I just can't see myself enjoying that kind of gameplay.. searching around for bits of story and piecing things like an amateur detective.

On the flip I think my interest in Brothers has piqued a little, seeing that it's compared to Germanic folktale. Like Gone Home, still don't think the gameplay is impressive but.. I think with both I would really need to set aside some time to REALLY dig into their worlds, the stories.

Or just have it spoiled for me, which I'm okay with, because I don't know when I will have that time to actually play the games..

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@pyrodactyl: Ugh sorry for double posting, didn't see your comment in time. Well I would still suggest watching the series from the beginning with a fresh open mind, the series has a very different pace and emphasis than the movies.. But if you really want, you can poke around the Evangelion Wiki for more info, but again it's not necessary for enjoying the anime, and it's almost bound to be confusing. Partly because (like Bones8677 mentioned) it's a Japanese director using Western concepts. Remember, I'd say focus on the character psychology instead. Also, it's okay to not understand absolutely everything, just don't wave your hands in the air calling bullshit if you don't understand something. ;) Figuring characters and stuff out is part of the fun of experiencing fiction, isn't it?

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@bones8677: Thankyou for posting. As an Evangelion fan, it's always good to read someone else's definitions of terms/things used in the series.

Here is a link to an essay that explains Evangelion , but it is full of spoilers so read it at your own risk

Also thank you for posting.

@ Original poster: Well.. you should have watched the series, then End of Evangelion, then waited several months before deciding whether to watch the movies or not. The movies are basically animation fan service, and yes they are basically a super-HD remake.

Like mentioned in the above linked essay, Evangelion has lots of layers and ways you can approach the story. I like to approach it from a psychological perspective, looking at each character and considering what they're going through mentally and physically. But then there's all those biblical/philosophic/spiritual/existential themes and references, which are there if you want to delve into. But you DON'T need to understand all that to enjoy this anime. For me, it's not about huge mech battles or apocalypses, but about 3 humans forced into circumstances, struggling to make sense of their role in the world. So don't feel bad if you don't "understand" all the terms and stuff while watching it (I didn't). Imo, if you focus too much on all the technical terms, events, concepts, you risk missing the very human story underneath it all (but again this is also the fault of the movies focusing more on animation).