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About the Weapon

One of the few Revelations from God, Istarelle was once held by the Holy Knight Lizaia.
Being a weapon bestowed from God, Istarelle's magical damage scales incredibly well with the Faith stat. It also provides decent protection from both plague and poison. It is more versatile than the Large Sword of Moonlight, but does slightly less damage. It is regarded highly for its effectiveness against other players. Its quick jabs and long reach make it very difficult for anyone to get close enough to you with a melee weapon to cause any damage.

How to get Istarelle  

A trickier weapon to get. You will need to defeat a number of Giant Depraved Ones ("goblins"), as well as navigate the treacherous paths of the Valley of Defilement. All of this must be done with pure white world tendency. Here's the breakdown:
  • Go to the Valley of Defilement.
  • Continue on like normal until you get to the choke-point with the plague-carrying rats.
  • Proceed on, and along the narrow wooden walkway and you should see a wooden ladder to your left, about half-way across the walkway. Do not attempt to climb the ladder until you kill the Giant Depraved one. It will charge you during your climb and you will probably die.
  • If you don't see the ladder, then your world tendency is not pure white.
  • Climb the ladder!
  • At the top of the ladder you will need to kill a whole bunch of Depraved Ones, as well as a Giant Depraved one on the rope-bridge.
  • Climb the winding upward path until you get to the top. Do not move once you are at the top.
  • Three Giant Depraved Ones await you here. They are all at different distances from you, so it is wise to just lure them out one at a time.

Melee approach:  With or without the Thief's Ring equipped, just tip-toe one little step at a time closer to them, until one charges you. Run back near the opening and just kill it like normal. Repeat for the other two Depraved Ones.
Bow/Magic approach: Stand near the edge of the opening where you came up and just shoot one of them a bunch. When it gets close, switch to melee and proceed as usual.

  • Claim your prize, and notice where you're standing above.

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