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Javier Hidalgo is a Drug Lord and the main villain of the Operation Javier Scenario in Resident Evil: Darkside Chronicles.  Hidalgo has made a deal with Albert Wesker in order to save his ailing daughter Manuela who has contracted a disease that is indigenous to the region.  This disease killed Manuela's mother and Javier could not allow this to happen to his only daughter so he bought the virus from Wesker for a large sum of money.  He then hired a former Umbrella Researcher to aid him in curing his daughter. If Manuela was infected with the T-Veronica virus, it would override the disease that killed her mother and eventually clear up by itself.
Unfortunately, in the fifteen years it would take for the virus to burn itself out, T-Veronica would cause fatal organ damage, meaning that Manuela needed new organs implanted in her on a regular basis to survive the virus that had saved her life. Becoming suspicious after surviving a cureless disease that had killed her mother much faster, Manuela eventually forces her doctor to tell her the truth about her 'treatments', and ungratefully runs away. As punishment, Javier infects the doctors and his personal army with the T-Virus and at some point inexplicably injected himself with the T-Veronica Virus as well.
Javier meets Manuela, Jack Krauser and Leon S. Kennedy when they arrive at the dam on the way to his mansion.  Javier reveals his relation to Manuela (a fact that was not in his dossier, thus a surprise to Kennedy & Krauser) and then tries to kill the duo.  Manuela escapes with the US Agents and helps them to defeat her father.
When Javier succumbs to the Veronica Virus Manuela herself uses her Veronica induced powers to aid Kennedy and Krauser. The trio are successful in killing Javier and leave for the United States.*
*This is the good ending; if the player does not succeed in killing Javier in less than ten minutes, Manuela succumbs to the T-Veronica Virus and dies.

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