Trailer #5 (10 minutes)

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There's only shaky cam currently available, though.

Based on the squealing fangirls, this series is apparently popular with ladies. I wouldn't have thought, but I guess it makes sense.

Edit: First 5 minutes of the trailer has been officially uploaded:

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@fluxwavez: It has heaps upon heaps of pretty men with not a lot of female characters, the potential for yaoi shipping is through the roof!

While I enjoyed hearing the crowd squeal when certain characters appeared I can't wait for a proper version where you can hear the characters, this is still the best shot version I've seen so far.

And man Narancia looks so dope, even from the little you can see here. Vola vola vola!

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@fluxwavez: The first trailer shown in that clip, i.e the first 5 minutes, is now up in regular trailer form here in case you want to update the op with it.

I'm pretty pleased with the voices, and the additional costumes for the characters might be cool. I'm hoping that Kira gets his alternate look in costume form, since I've always prefered it to his first form.

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That trailer was awesome :D

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