Soc. Psych. Project: A Survey of Journey Players

#1 Posted by BadOrcLDR (178 posts) -

OK, so I kind of, sort of need some help.

I'm a psychology major and need to conduct a survey on something within the parameters of social psychology. Originally I wanted to do a survey on how gamer's perceive violence in other forms of media (i.e., movie violence). After playing Journey, however, I decided to alter my idea. I'm curious how people perceive Journey.

The point of the survey is to show how a non-violent game can be and is viewed by the people who play it. I'm also hoping to show that people who otherwise enjoy "violent media" can also enjoy a game where there is practically no violence and little if any competition.

The survey can be done here:

It's only 10 questions long, totally anonymous, and the results will greatly help me.

#2 Posted by Ubersmake (754 posts) -

Did the survey. If you can still edit that thing, the "Other" options need a radio button. Otherwise, you're forced to select one of the options above it before finishing it.

#3 Posted by BadOrcLDR (178 posts) -

@Ubersmake: Appreciate your help! I tried to fix the problem, but unfortunately since people have already answered the question I cannot alter the answers. The only thing I could do was remove the "other" category, which is unfortunate. My apologies for that.

#4 Posted by Rolyatkcinmai (2699 posts) -

Filled it out.

#5 Posted by BadOrcLDR (178 posts) -

@Rolyatkcinmai: Thank you, I truly appreciate it!

#6 Posted by louiedog (2335 posts) -

I wish I'd played Journey so I could fill it out. My girlfriend is a social psych grad student and I like to take part in these projects when I can. I know how it can be difficult sometimes to find enough participants.

#7 Posted by BadOrcLDR (178 posts) -

@louiedog: I like to think I'm slightly luckier than some of my classmates. I have a community like GB to come to and ask for help, most of them are walking around downtown trying to get people to fill out surveys.

#8 Posted by Joker369 (886 posts) -

Finished it.

I think Journey is one of those games that transcends genres and is something that pretty much anyone can enjoy. Good luck on the project.

#9 Posted by BadOrcLDR (178 posts) -

@Joker369: Thank you! I would tend to agree. I cannot find any other recent games that does exactly what Journey seems to want to do and, in my opinion, is able to achieve.

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