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When Balor sacked the Cath Bruig capitol of Muirthemne in the early days of his campaign, the majority of its defenders, known as the Heron Guard, fell with it. A handful of their number, however, roughly 100 in total, escaped the destruction, having been away from the city at the time of the attack. For failing to protect their Emperor in his hour of need, the remaining members of the Heron Guard stripped themselves of their traditional armor, donning heavy furs and nine gold tiles taken from the ruins of the very palace they had vowed to defend. No longer calling themselves Herons, they traded their swords for common shovels, becoming penitent wanderers who lend their talents healing with mandrake roots wherever they are needed.

Journeymen have played a vital support role during many engagements, saving countless lives during The Great War and the subsequent conflict known as Soulblighter's War. While the appointment of King Alric to the throne of the Cath Bruig allowed the Journeymen the chance to redeem themselves, reclaiming their former titles as Heron Guards in the process, many of their rank still choose to wear the heavy furs and tiles of the Journeyman, offering medical rather than martial assistance on the battlefield.

Role in the Series

The Journeyman is a unique unit in the Myth series that functions primarily as a healer, though it has several other specialized purposes. Each Journeyman starts with six mandrake roots, which are expended in order to heal themselves or other units. These roots are also anathema to undead, meaning that Thrall, Wights, and other non-living units can be killed through "healing." This property of mandrake roots is used most commonly in multiplayer in order to heal one's own Wights, which kills them, but leaves behind a small pile of parts, the largest of which can be thrown by Ghôls to create a Wight explosion in miniature. In addition to their utility as healers, Journeymen are also fairly durable, being fairly resistant to explosives and completely immune to paralysis effects. This makes them useful for tackling enemy Wights in situations where no ranged units are available, as a healthy Journeyman will always survive the blast and furthermore will not be stunned by it.

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