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Julia Heartilly is a major secondary character in Final Fantasy VIII. She is a talented singer and pianist who catches the eye of Galbadian soldier Laguna Loire. She finds Laguna charming, but after he fails to return from a mission, she eventually marries her friend, Fury Caraway, and is encouraged to finish her song "Eyes on Me," a ballad meant for Laguna. She eventually gives birth to a daughter, Rinoa. Their lives are happy together, with Julia becoming famous for her music while her husband rises to the rank of general, until she dies in a car accident when Rinoa is still a little girl. The effect of her death on her family eventually grows into a powerful rift between General Caraway and Rinoa.

In a twist of fate, Rinoa eventually meets Squall Leonhart, the son of Julia's lost love Laguna, and falls in love with him.

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