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Kaiser is a turn-based game set in the 18th century. Every turn in the game is one year in game terms. Before the turn, the players can distrbute wheat among the people and trade with land. Following statistics that track such things as the number of citizens in the country, income and expenses etc., the player has another chance to make decisions, adjust the tax level and level of jurisdicial severity. Last but not least, the overview map lets you build buildings, wage war and more. The goal of the game is to become  Kaiser (Emperor) before the other players and the path to the top takes the players through eight stages, each which its distinct condition(s) that has to be met in order to be awarded the 'title' (level).
The original version was created by Markus Mergard (programming), Claudio Kronmüller (graphics and design) und Dirk Beyelstein (project management).

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