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The Kayran makes its home in the Pontar's waters and has established itself as a sort of myth amongst various river communities, surfacing in different sections of the vast river over the years. Nobody knows if it is the same moster appearing in multiple parts of the river, or if there are multiple Kayrans under the surface of the river somewhere.

This particular Kayran surfaced near Flotsam 100 years ago, and never gave the village any trouble. Villagers considered the beast docile, calling it the Old Man, until recently, when it began attacking ships going down the river. When the military attempted to combat the creature, it merely retreated under the water, making combat impossible. Additionally, the creature is invulnerable to poison, itself being a poisonous type of beast, and it cannot bleed to death due to its unusual circulatory system, which allows for hyper-fast blood clotting to reduce blood loss.

In order to defeat the Kayran, Geralt must first lure it onto dry land so that it cannot retreat. It is possible to drain the lake in which the creature hides, leaving it vulnerable. Once cornered on dry land, the Kayran attacks using its massive tentacles. Before proceeding to the beast's body, Geralt must first destroy its flailing tentacles or immobilize them using traps. Once its tentacles are immobilized, the Kayran will begin spitting poison, which must be dodged as Geralt ascends the body of the beast in preparation for the final blow.

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