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Physically the keepers resemble some form of large aphids. Little is known about the keepers beside what is visible from a distance. It is highly illegal to interfere with the keepers duties resulting in immediate and sudden imprisonment if caught or captured. Any attempt to scan or capture a keeper results in self termination of the keepers or a internal "self-destruct." The affected keeper releases a form of internal acid resulting in the said keeper to essential form into puddle of minerals and proteins in a matter of minutes. This halts any further research that can be completed resulting in an absence of any physical data about the keepers. Although purely speculation, it is said that the keepers insectoid metallo-chitinous exterior may prevent scanning form X-Rays (or T-Rays) or whatever types of scanning methods that have been tried.


The number of keepers is currently unknown but its entirely constant. No one knows where the keepers go or where more of them are made or reproduced. Some would guess that they inhabit the core of the Citadel, which has yet to be explored. The keepers exhibit odd and strange behavioural that are mostly unexplainable. They randomly rearrange offices or change architecture on the Wards with no explanation Communication has been attempted but was unsuccessful. The keepers go along with their business completely ignoring anyone else around them.


The main duties of the keepers are mostly unknown but they are understood to take care and manage the Citadel. The inorganics packs on their backs and antenna are suspected to facilitate the movement between the keepers. Though there has been a fruitless attempt to communicate with the keepers through these means, but there has been no evidence that this has been successful. Also speculation has said the the keepers send telepathic images to other keepers. This is simply speculation at best and no other evidence can hold this true.

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