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Released in arcades, two players use 24-key keyboards to play the piano or keyboards sections of various songs.  Notes are displayed as small bars that scroll downward above an image of the keyboard.  As with most rhythm games, timing is essential, as the player must play the matching key when the note descends to the red play line.  Each arcade cabinet has two screen, one for each player.


Keyboardmania was also released for Playstation 2 and PC, each shipping with a modified controller that attempted to mirror the arcade controllers.


 Soundtrack cover
2. 24TH D,THE
3. My Love/ Q-Mex
4. Confusion
5. All the love/ Lala Moore
6. Shining Dream/ MAGIC Project
7. Fairy Tale
8. Let's go back home
9. Shake!
10. MR.C.C.
12. Brain child
13. Armajiro
14. Dicky's Theme
15. Pf Concerto No.2
16. kimi ni ai ni yukou/ Pictures Of Lily
17. Shiritori/ Fantastic factory
18. Keyboard Man
19. Mighty Guy/ CHIHOMI
20. Henry Henry
21. Morning Music
22. Mighty Guy/ CHIHOMI
23. Henry Henry

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