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Centuries before the historic battle between Prince Marth and the Shadow Dragon Medeus, a wise sage traveled into the desert and founded his own school. This school was designed to teach the wonders of magic to the people of Archanea, and encourage friendship and cooperation between people. For sometime, the school was a success, but soon people began using the magic for warfare, and the sage left Khadein never to be seen again.



From the DS games.

A wise sage considered to be the most powerful sorcerer in the land, and one of the last divine dragons in existence. The master of sorcery at Khadein, he taught many powerful sages such as Miloah and Gharnef. During the War of Shadows, he helped Marth obtain the Starlight tome necessary to defeat Gharnef, and then joined forces with Marth to defeat Medeus. In the War of Heroes, Gotoh once again helped Marth on his quest, this time helping Marth overcome the possessed Emperor Hardin. He also helped Marth recover the Shield of Seals, the last tool necessary to defeating Medeus and his tribe for once and for all.


A student of Gotoh, he was consumed by greed and power, and thus formed an alliance with Medeus. As a young man, Gharnef attended the magic school of Khadein under the tutelage of the Archsage Gotoh. At the school, he developed a rivalry with the immensely talented Miloah, and soon both men became known as Gotoh's best students. When Gotoh decided to give the powerful Aura tome to one of his students, he recognized that Gharnef had a weak heart, and promptly gave the tome to Miloah. Distraught, Gharnef took the Darksphere and crafted his own Imhullu spell, and using its power, he formed an alliance with Medeus and seized control over Khadein. Corrupted thoroughly, Gharnef traveled the land influencing power people. With these events etched in history, the tragedy of the War of Shadows unfolded.


An experienced teacher at Khadein, he abhors fighting and violence. Wendell served as a teacher at Khadein, instructing students such as Merric and Ellerean in their magical studies. As an experienced sage, Wendell became one of the most prominent men in all of Khadein, but soon found himself squared off against Gharnef, who wanted to use magic for warfare. Opposed by Gharnef and the other leaders of Khadein, Wendell fled to Aurelis where he met with Prince Marth, and became a pillar of support against Medeus. During the War of Heroes, Wendell went on a mission to retrieve the Starsphere shards for Gotoh, and once again joined forces with Marth.


A minor noble from Altea, and a childhood friend of Prince Marth. As a young man, Merric was sent to the magic school of Khadein to train as a mage to support the Altean royal family. At the school, Merric met many new friends and rivals, and trained hard to become an expert mage. When the War of Shadows broke out, Merric mastered the powerful Excalibur spell and traveled to Aurelis to meet with the budding Archanean League. After the war, Merric returned to Khadein, and continued his studies in magic. During the War of Heroes, Merric sided with Marth when the rest of Khadein allied with Hardin, and once again he saved Archanea from evil.


A powerful mage from Khadein, he desires to become Wendell's ultimate successor. Prior to the War of Heroes, Ellerean was given the task of eliminating the remaining priests serving Gharnef on the outskirts of Khadein. It was here where he met his rival Merric, as well as Linde, Etzel, Feena, and King Michalis of Macedon. After the incident, Ellerean and Merric were made co-leaders of Khadein while Wendell left on his mission from Gotoh. Knowing that Merric was a friend of Marth, he declared Merric a traitor and sentenced him to death, but was convinced of the error of his ways by Wendell. After the war, Ellerean became the High Bishop of Khadein, and dedicated his days to restoring the schools former glory.


A sorcerer of Khadein, he is powerful, but hates using magic for warfare. During the War of Shadows, Etzel was captured by the Grust army at Helena Castle, and was in turn forced to fight for them after the commander confiscated a precious ring from him. After the battle, Etzel joined with Prince Marth and traveled with him to the showdown with Medeus. After the war, Etzel went to Khadein where he worked with Merric and Ellerean to subjugate the remaining followers of Gharnef. During the War of Heroes, Etzel joined forces with Marth when the Altean army traveled to Khadein.


Etzel's beloved wife, she was killed at the outset of the War of Shadows. Ursula was at the Battle of the Menedy River, when the forces of Gra betrayed the Altean army. Ursula was caught in the crossfire and lost her life. The only remaining remnant of her was her wedding ring, which Etzel took great care to protect and store.


A powerful bishop of Khadein, and a friend of Ellerean. When Ellerean allied the Mage Army of Khadein with Emperor Hardin, Yodel was ordered to protect the school from the Altean army. When Prince Marth and his army arrived in Khadein, Yodel used the powerful Bolganone tome to hold them off. Despite his best efforts, Yodel could not hold them off and was killed in battle. As he died, he questioned whether or not Ellerean was right in opposing the Altean army.

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