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Killer is Dead Review: Killer is Dull 1

Grasshopper Manufacture's CEO, Goichi Suda, has made a name for himself with surreal settings and offbeat protagonists. Travis Touchdown joined a league of assassins after winning a beam katana through an online auction (No More Heroes); Garcia Hotspur braved the extents of Hell to rescue his girlfriend alongside a shapeshifting handgun (Shadows of the Damned); and star cheerleader Juliet disemboweled trans-dimensional zombies with help from her boyfriend’s severed head (Lollipop Chainsaw). The ...

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Never mind that mild expletive. Here comes Mondo! 0

The story of KiD has gone from the straight forward nature of Shadows of the Damned (Well, as straight forward as you get with Suda), back to the more obtuse style of Killer7. Upfront the story is a rather confusing mess, but as time goes on you begin to have a loose understanding of the events unfolding before you. By the end you come to realise that if you look past the eccentricities, what's left behind is a pretty standard plot. Make of that what you will.The moon holds a corruptive force th...

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Killer Is Dead is a fun title that hits the Japanese quirkiness that we occasionally expect from Japan. 0

If you’re a fan of Grasshopper Manufacture, then you know what you’re getting into when it comes to every Goichi Suda (Suda 51) directed or influenced game that comes out from that studio. Grasshopper Manufacture releases titles that are aimed directly at a niche audience. Compared to the typical mainstream games studio, Grasshopper Manufacture is the rebel child that doesn’t want to create things that are the norm, it doesn’t want to succumb to using the famous video game development guide “How...

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Flawed eye candy.. 1

The RadOozes style. OOZES.Solid combat mechanics.Boss fights are pretty rad.The BadMostly nonsense plot.Aggressively bad camera angles.If I see Suda 51s name on anything I have a few expectations.I expect it to be a bit rough around the edges.I expect it to be more style than substance.But I expect to like the style so much that I forgive its shortcomings.And like prior Grasshopper Manufacture games the same is true here, albeit to a lesser extent. I dig the style. I dig the aesthetics. I dig t...

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Classic Suda 0

Killer is Dead might as well be the most offensive piece of misogynistic garbage you’ll ever have the pleasure of playing. The deeply ingrained sexist overtures drown out any possible redeeming qualities, if you could stop your gag reflex long enough to notice them. It is not only self evident that Suda 51 hates all women but that degrading them in a public manner is becoming his craft. Everyone should avoid this game at all costs if you have any respect for the female gender and probably burn ...

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