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Anyone who ever sees this topic. Did you ever try Killer8?

How was it? What differences are there?

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It's been a while, but for starters, enemies have more health and do more damage. As a result, a couple boss fights become incredibly cheap, such as the fight against Curtis' anime henchwoman. It also means that if you ever lose somebody, using Garcian to resurrect somebody is quite risky, because he can often die in a single hit.

More importantly, you can't see where each enemy's critical weak point thing is. They still have a critical weak point, but even after you scan them, you can't see it, so you just have to remember the like 4-5 places the weak point can be and fire a shot at each one. For normal enemies, I think the different spots are right knee, left knee, upper right arm, upper left arm, jaw area of the head. Anyway, invisible weak points makes it harder to get the thick blood from enemies that is used for upgrading your dudes, and harder to kill enemies in general.

Lastly, you get an extra character: young Harman Smith (not in a wheel chair), who has more health than anybody in the game, and fires a tommy gun. However, I think you can't upgrade him at all. He's useful early on since he can tank so much damage, but the tommy gun is fairly weak (and inaccurate, I think), so there isn't much use for him later in the game.

The AI isn't trickier, and I don't think there are more enemies or anything, but I remember it becoming somewhat frustrating at a few points, and the game isn't any different. If you like a challenging hard mode, then go for it, but if you just want to play the game again, I'd recommend playing the normal mode.

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KIller 8 did have the massive bonus as well in that you got all those free blood phials if you entered a code. I think that's kinda worth noting.

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I thought this was some elaborate joke about a nonexistent sequel. But apparently Killer8 is a real game mode in Killer7. That's not nearly as fun.

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