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A nice move from Mod to Full Game.

Back when Unreal Tournament 2004 was released, there was a really popular mod. It was called Killing Floor, and the point of it was to kill waves and waves of zombies. It was a really succesful mod. Then, one of the guys that made the mod sold it to Tripwire Interactive and they turned it into a Full Game. Would this turn out to be a good move?

Killing Floor supports Solo and Multiplayer modes. Both modes are really the same thing, except you can play up with 6 people in Multiplayer (unless you play on a modified server). You have 5 default maps to play on and 4 difficulty levels. You also get to choose how long the game will be. You can go from 4-10 waves by defeault. The number of zombies go up as each wave ends. Once a wave ends, you have a minute to go find the trader. The trader gives you weapons, aromor, and ammo. You spend Pounds (British Money) on the weapons, armor, and ammo.

One of the zombies you will encounter in the game.

You do get some cool features to play around with in the game. One of them is perks. There are six perks to choose from. They are Medic, Support Specialist, Sharshooter, Commando, Berserker, and Firebug. Using one of these perks you give power-ups in game like more damage to a certain weapon or discounts on weapons. You also have goals to level up your perks, which will give you even more damage and discounts on weapons. You can go up to level 5 on all the perks. Another really cool feature in the game is call ZEDtime. ZEDtime is a feature that slows down gameplay for a few seconds to make your kills better.

If you played the Unreal Tournament 2004 version of this game, the zombies and the weapons will be very similar. There is still a good amount of monsters and weapons in the game. You'll be able to learn every zombies abillities after a few play throughs. The graphics in the game are pretty good. It uses the Unreal Engine. It looks 30% better than the UT2004 version.

Overall, Killing is just as fun as it was during the time Unreal Tournament 2004 was out. While the weapons and the zombies are just the same thing as it was before, but the addictive gameplay it still brings will give you tons of hours of Survival-Horror fun.
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