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Class-based, multiplayer co-op zombie shooter brings a fun experi 4

L4D has left a very big impression on gamer's imagination. The co-op zombie shooter has been so popular that many zombie games are viewed as how they relate to L4D. Killing Floor isn't really trying to compete with L4D. They offer two different experiences to gamers. Some gamers will like them both, some will prefer Valve's less frantic (relatively) and more polished gameplay more. Some gamers will get a lot of enjoyment out of Killing Floor.  Killing Floor is a first-person shooter. It has a s...

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Just Some Good Fun Zombie Shooting 0

Let's get one thing straight, Killing Floor is NOT a Left 4 Dead clone. With all the similar zombies and the fact that it's a co-op shooter, one can easily put it off as such, but Killing Floor does enough to separate it from Left 4 Dead.Unlike Left 4 Dead, Killing Floor doesn't have a progressive campaign with a beginning and end. Each round starts players in an open-ended map similar to a traditional multiplayer map. From there, the players are tasked with fighting of a certain number of zombi...

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Nazi Zombies Meets Left 4 Dead 3

Think Nazi Zombies combined with Left 4 Dead. Subtract the anti-Semitism and the 4, then add a 6, and what do you come up with? Zombies Left 6 Dead. . . basically Killing Floor in a nutshell. Killing Floor is a six player cooperative survival horror game much like Nazi Zombies but with the scope of Left 4 Dead. With the addition of a perk system, and a SDK right out of the box, Killing Floor has all the benefits of a high budget game with a low budget price point. Killing Floor is all about int...

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Thoughts on Killing Floor 0

Killing Floor clearly didn't have any Hollywood scriptwriters on board to supervise the story. There aren't any painstakingly choreographed scripted events to further draw me into the universe Tripwire Interactive has presented here. The game isn't running on the latest technology, in fact, to put it simply, it's dated. There's absolutely no new ground being broken and the setting isn't remotely unique. To top it off, the entire game is based off of a mod that released for Unreal Tournament 2004...

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HD Video Review 1

[PC; 2009]Developed by Tripwire Interactive  If you are like me, you played and loved the hell out of Left 4 Dead last fall but it just hasn’t stayed as fresh over the last couple of months—very few games do.  While we continue to wait for Valve’s first major expansion, we have been playing many similar co-op titles.  Call of Duty: World at War’s Nazi Zombies! Mode, Gears of War 2’s Horde Mode, and Half-Life 2 source mod, Zombie Panic, have filled this void for many.  They have for me at least,...

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Surprisingly enjoyable! 0

Killing Floor doesn’t innovate in any specific way, considering that its not only a First-Person Shooter but also has Co-Op with Survival Horror theme built into it. All these features have been in games in the past and some are straight up better than Killing Floor. But even with its price of $20 its surprisingly not a bad of a game as it might sound.  The story of the game doesn’t necessarily go too deep nor did I really care much for it as well. Apparently you and five other people in your ...

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Killing Floor brings old school fun at a reasonable price. 0

Killing Floor is a first person, co-op game by Tripwire Interactive (TWI), makers of red Orchestra. It was originally a mod for UT2K4 released in 2005, until TWI bought the license and released it as a full game.You play against increasingly hard waves of zombies (how many waves can be decided by the host, but long games consist of 10 waves and can take up to 45 minutes to complete) along with 5 other players trying to survive and defeat the final boss, know as "The Patriarch".You can also equip...

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British Zombies!! None of Your Nazi Rubbish! 0

  Developer – Tripwire Interactive Publisher – Tripwire Interactive Platforms – PC (Steam) Release – 14/05/09 I don’t know what it is, but I like zombies as enemies. There something slightly cool, yet also slightly scary about a horde of shambling undead coming towards you though the dark, uncaring about the slugs ripping through them. They are one of the archetypal enemies of our hobby. Left 4 Dead is one of the best showings of zombie killing. But imagine if it was more… British? And...

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Zombies, Guns, and LOADS OF AMMO 0

Killing Floor is a co-op wave based zombie FPS for PC (No one gives a shit about MAC). It was released in 2009 after the mod team was hired by Tripwire and is surprisingly underrated. Well first off it's got zombies or more accurately mutants, if you go through the different variations of them, and guns and that's all it takes usually to make a game sell. Well this is a change from the seemingly endless streams of zombie games being released recently. While it is somewhat reminiscent of Left 4 D...

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A nice move from Mod to Full Game. 0

Back when Unreal Tournament 2004 was released, there was a really popular mod. It was called Killing Floor, and the point of it was to kill waves and waves of zombies. It was a really succesful mod. Then, one of the guys that made the mod sold it to Tripwire Interactive and they turned it into a Full Game. Would this turn out to be a good move?Killing Floor supports Solo and Multiplayer modes. Both modes are really the same thing, except you can play up with 6 people in Multiplayer (unless you p...

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Killing Floor; a review of 5 years. 0

Killing Floor was a disappointment. Largely a "me too" game that was released some time after the 2008 zombie survival title, Left 4 Dead, it fails at every turn to be interesting.Where Left 4 Dead was about making it from point A to point B and surviving everything in between, Killing Floor is about staying in the same place and surviving wave after wave of zombies. You will mostly be hunkering down in a room and killing monsters as the flood in, and you are given the ability to reinforce doors...

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Oh the horror!!! 0

I gotta say, I was pretty stoked when I saw the advertisments for this new game. Zombie / mutants + some pretty cool looking graphics. I tried it only to find it mind-numbingly boring and repetitive. You just go around wave after wave of zomutants. Then the horrendously annoying "trader" calls you and you get to select from your weapons to purchase. The mouse had a jittery feel to it. Overall, nowhere near as polished as L4D. Nowhere near as fun either. I understand it when it was a mod for UT20...

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Killing Floor Worth The Money 0

When the Steam sale of this game hit, I had little thoughts on whether to buy it or not just because of the fact it was zombies. Zombies are becoming the World War II Shooters of this age of video games and I just couldn't place myself into buying a Zombie game after spending hours on Left 4 Dead. Let me reassure you, this is not Left 4 Dead. This game consists of multiple classes such as: Sharpshooter, Pyro, Berserker, Demolitions, Support Specialists, and Medic. Each class can be leveled up to...

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Swarms of isn't a new idea, but KF makes it work 0

Man, I have this great idea for a new game. Hear me out. Alright, so we take some slow moving creature or monster, right? Call it a zombie. Now give them the numbers, alright? Lots and lots of them. And they can take a lot of hits. Now drop in some well armed humans that have to defend themselves against these zombies. Revolutionary idea or what? Well, as it turns out, a lot of people have thought of this idea. And with good reason, as games such as Left4Dead show us. People like zombies and ...

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Iffy fun. 0

Now, from the get go, I'm going to give this game the benefit of the doubt, since the computer I played it on had to have the graphics at the absolute lowest to play, and even then it was slow. But... even with that aside, the game felt very... slow, very laggy. And with a ping of 37 I often found myself freezing or jumping all over the place. I have tremendous fun with the game, but only when I can find a server of people who actually use team work. It's unbelievable how many times I get told t...

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Better than L4D 0

For a game based on a fairly old engine, this looks fantastic. The visual style really serves to accentuate the atmosphere of the game, and you don't really notice the outdated textures unless you're really looking for it. The action is very fast paced, the classes feel fairly well balanced, and there's a nice assortment of weapons. My only real complaint about this game is the multiplayer server browser. As far as I can tell, there isn't a "history" button, so if you don't add a server to your ...

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