Surgeons use Kinect to speed up surgeries and maintain sterility

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Looks like video game technology is being used in the professional world. Basically, the kinect allows the doctors to view medical images without using a computer. Before, when going to use a computer they had to sterilize their hands after each time. The Kinect saves time with its gesture based implementation. Though, sort of makes me wonder that it took a video-game peripheral to inspire engineers in the medical field.

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that's cool, 

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Oh Great... sorry we can't finish your surgery we just got 3 red lights 

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It makes me wonder if Microsoft is going to be aggressive in defending it's patents when cheaper knock-off kinect style peripherals appear just for professional and enthusiast use. I think one's already in development that was shown at CES, so I dunno. 
But if this really becomes a useful professional tool, microsoft should jump at the opportunity and release an expensive professional grade one with the built-in processor that they took out of the console model. Higher resolution imaging too. So that fine movements can be detected and that technology's true usefulness shines through. Christ it's not like people are doing much with it games-wise, and this new unexpected market is potentially much bigger and more ambitious than anything games have to offer.

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It's Minority Report.

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Kinect already helps maintain gamer sterility.

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@James_ex_machina said:

" Oh Great... sorry we can't finish your surgery we just got 3 red lights   LOL "

LOL indeed. That was pretty good.  xD 
Gives a whole new meaning to Red Light of Death.
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@MB said:
" It's Minority Report. "
Not yet, but it's getting there, holographic 3D tech needs to step up and deliver.
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@MB said:
" It's Minority Report. "
It's even better than Minority Report, no stupid glowing blue gloves!!!

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