R-Trigger mapped skills only allows 4?

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I'm playing through as a pure Mage, and I currently only have 3 skills mapped. However there are 7 skills in my abilities tree but only 4 available buttons: holding RT and then A, B, X or Y. If I were to purchase all 7 skills, how would they be mapped on the controller?

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You can't... because the game's like something out of a by gone era for RPG's =/ (and even then like in something like Oblivion, there was always the wheel). It's fucking lunacy as to why you can only store 4 spells despite they of course offering up quite a few across the three trees. You can at least activate a sustained spell, then remove it from your set and replace it with an active spell but it's still a complete joke.

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Wow. I guess this is just more of a reason for me to focus on four, I guess.

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Yeah, and as far as I can tell the only purpose of the d-pad is a quick health potion drink. I like that feature, but couldn't I have four more spell selections on there? Course, at this point I just like seeing my giant meteor go boom.

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I'm pretty sure the PC version allows you to map 10.

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@SJSchmidt93: Yeah, the PC version lets you map them to the number keys. I've only played the demo so far but I preferred the console controls to the mouse and keyboard controls. The PC controls make you choose an active state for both your weapon and your ability and then triggers them using the left and right click. I preferred the more fluid immediate effect feel of switching between weapons using X and Y and using the shoulder button to immediately cast spells. As I said though, I only played the demo so I'm not sure if you would want more than 4 abilities readily available. It seems like it might flavor your level up choices differently than the PC controls.
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Yea I'm playing on PC with a controller and found myself just having to respec around 4 spells with my Might/Sorcery hybrid. Seems kinda weird design choice but the games so easy, you can get the job done with 4 spells anyway.

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