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King's Bounty: The Legend Review 1

King's Bounty: The Legend is an updated version of the game King's Bounty. It isn't exactly a direct sequel to the early 90s game, but it isn't a complete remake either. If you've ever played any of the Heroes of Might and Magic, this is a game in the same vein. You will be taking control of a hero and will be venturing to different parts of the land building an army, completing missions, and discovering hidden treasure.The graphics for this PC game look good, they are right at the considered st...

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King's Ransom, Perhaps, But Fun 1

OverviewThe fact that this game is a remake of a nearly 20-year old game is, at least to me, a little disconcerting. Not least because remakes usually suck, but also because a lot has changed in the time between then and now - not just the obvious (graphics, etc), but more subtle things. The entire expectation of a gamer is different. Consider that when you buy a game today you have a feature-set expectation depending on the genre of the game; suffice to say, when you purchased a game in 1990 yo...

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A solid remake of the classic computer game 0

"Casual fans need not apply". This is a sticker that would be appropriate on the box of "King's Bounty: The Legend", a remake of the classic strategy game from the early 90s. It is a solid remake that should appeal to hungry turn-based strategy fans. It is clearly aimed at the hardcore strategy crowd, which is both good and bad. Good, because it has the addictive and complex turn-based gameplay that makes these games so appealing. Bad, because it has some issues that will scare off all but the m...

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