Got 150 spare Club Nintendo points? Grab this sucker!

#1 Posted by jeffrud (474 posts) -

I've managed to pick up a couple games for "free" through Club Nintendo, among them Majora's Mask and Super Punch-Out. Now Nintendo's gonna hook a brother up with this guy for 150 pieces of imaginary currency, for the next few weeks. Don't have the coins? There are a couple very good ways to accumulate them at a wildly appreciated value with the assistance of a largeriver in SouthAmerica.

#2 Posted by big_jon (6181 posts) -

I was about to ask if this is good because of this.

#3 Posted by DarthOrange (4124 posts) -

Man why the hell can't you play these games on the Wii U? Why do I have to boot up the damn system in Wii mode first. It takes forever to load up the Wii menu.

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