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Kirby Super Star is a side-scrolling platformer developed by HAL Laboratory and originally published by Nintendo in 1996 for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. The fourth platforming-focused game in the Kirby series, Super Star is actually a collection of seven main game modes and two smaller minigames. All of the modes star eponymous protagonist Kirby, a pink puffball who can inhale his enemies and swallow them to copy their special abilities. New to the franchise is the ability for Kirby to convert his current Ability into a "Helper" AI partner which can optionally be controlled by a second player.

Super Star was remade for the Nintendo DS in 2008 as Kirby Super Star Ultra, featuring enhanced graphics and sound effects, rearranged music, 3D cutscenes, four new main game modes and three new minigames. The original title was digitally re-released for the Wii and the Wii U via Virtual Console, and it also appears in the Kirby Dream Collection disc-based compilation.


As with previous Kirby titles, most of the game modes in Super Star consist of platforming through a series of levels that gradually increase in difficulty, nearly all of which contain several standard enemies and a stage boss. Kirby's basic move set allows players to walk, run, jump and fly, and Super Star introduces two new core abilities: the slide tackle and guarding to reduce damage. Besides his new slide tackle, Kirby can also inhale enemies or objects before spitting them out as his standard method of attack. However, some enemies can be swallowed to grant Kirby a special Copy ability based on the type of enemy consumed.


Although the Copy mechanic was originally introduced in Kirby's Adventure, Super Star features a new set of twenty-four Copy powers for players to discover throughout the game, some of which make a return from Adventure. This is the first Kirby game that displays full in-game move lists for each of Kirby's Copy abilities, and the first to have unique hats associated with each power-up. Kirby can sacrifice his equipped Copy ability at any time in order to summon a CPU-controlled helper character corresponding to that ability. Helpers have many of the same abilities as Kirby and occasionally possess special techniques, and they all employ a unique color scheme to differentiate the helper from its enemy counterpart. A second player can play as the helper character by connecting a second controller.

Ability & Helper List

AbilityHelperMove List / Notes
  • Inhale/Spit Enemy: Y
  • No Ability equipped
Waddle Doo
Waddle Doo
  • Beam Whip: Y
  • Cycle Beam: Dash + Y
  • Beam Machine Gun: Dash + Y (in air)
  • Capture Beam: Forward + Y (near enemy)
  • Wave Beam: Hold Y
Poppy Bros. Jr.
Poppy Bros. Jr.
  • Hold/Throw Bomb: Y
  • Set Bomb: Y (near enemy)
  • Drop Bomb: Down + Y (near enemy)
  • Straight Throw: Dash + Y
  • Cook: Y
  • One-time use
  • Analyze Beam (Kirby only): Y
  • Sneaky Hand (T.A.C. only): Dash + Y
  • Useful for obtaining Abilities in Milky Way Wishes
  • T.A.C. Helper can steal Abilities from enemies
  • Crash Fire Ball: Y
  • One-time use
Sir Kibble
Sir Kibble
  • Cutter Boomerang: Y
  • Cutter Dash Attack: Dash + Y
  • Cutter Drop Attack: Y repeatedly (in air)
  • High-Speed Cutter Drop: Down + Y (in air)
  • Non-Stop Cutter Attack: Y repeatedly (near enemy)
  • Cuts ropes and extinguishes flames
Knuckle Joe
Knuckle Joe
  • Vulcan Jab: Y
  • Smash Punch: Hold Y
  • Leg Sweep: Dash + Y
  • Spin Kick: Dash + Hold Y
  • Down Kick: Y (in air)
  • Double Kick: Hold Y (in air)
  • Rising Break: Up + Y
  • Grab Enemy: Forward + Y (near enemy)
  • Arm Throw: Y (while holding enemy)
  • Tomoe Throw (Kirby only): Back + Y (while holding enemy)
Burnin' Leo
Burnin' Leo
  • Fire Blow: Y
  • Fire Ball: Hold Y + Back
  • Burning Attack: Dash + Y
  • Fire Ball Spin: Y (while jumping)
  • Fire Ball Roll: Y (in air before landing)
  • Lights cannon fuses
  • Hammer Nail: Y
  • Hammer Swing: Dash + Y
  • Giant Swing: Y (in air)
  • Ultragiant Swing: Dash + Y (in air)
  • Hammer Flip: Up + Y
  • Hammer Throw (Kirby only): Dash + A (destroys Hammer)
  • Can be used underwater
  • Hammers down wooden posts
  • Freezer Breath: Y
  • Freezer Blizard: Dash + Y or Y repeatedly
  • Freezer Sprinkle: Y (in air)
  • Freezer Suction: Forward + Y (near enemy)
  • Freezer Ejection: Y (while holding enemy)
  • Ice Kick: Touching ice
  • Store Power: Hold Y
  • Save Stored Power: B or L or R (after storing power)
  • Jet Kick: Y or release Y
  • Jet Heading: Y or release Y (in air)
  • Jet Dash: Y (with full power)
  • Jet Cracker: Y (during Jet Dash)
  • Jet Blow: Y or release Y (near enemy)
  • Diving Rocket: Y (with full power near enemy)
  • Hover: B (in air)
  • Ultra-Jet Jump: B (with full power in air)
  • Lights cannon fuses
  • Megaphone: Y (first use)
  • Desk Mike: Y (second use)
  • Stand Mike: Y (third use)
  • Three-time use; damage increases with each use
  • Mirror Cut: Y
  • Reflect Force: Hold Y
  • Mirror Body: Dash + Y
  • Reflect Guard: L or R
  • Knife Throw: Y
  • Quado-Shock Attack: Hold Y
  • Dash Attack: Dash + Y
  • Ninja Kick: Down + Y (in air)
  • Air Drop: Forward + Y (near enemy)
  • Hide Defense: Y (while taking damage)
  • Stick to Wall: Press against wall while in air
  • Triangle Jump: B (while stuck to wall)
  • Cuts ropes and extinguishes flames
  • Paint: Y
  • One-time use
  • Obtainable only from Chameleo Arm or Heavy Lobster
  • Blinds Heavy Lobster and forces cloaked Chameleo Arm to become visible
Parasol Waddle Dee
Parasol Waddle Dee
  • Parasol Swing: Y
  • Parasol Shield: Hold Y
  • Parasol Drill: Dash + Y
  • Parasol Dive: Down + Y (in air)
  • Parasol Roll: Forward + Y (near enemy)
  • Parasol Chute: Up (in air)
Plasma Wisp
Plasma Wisp
  • Store Power: Press any direction
  • Plasma Needle: Y (with no power)
  • Plasma Arrow: Y (with low power)
  • Plasma Spark: Y (with medium power)
  • Plasma Laser: Y (with high power)
  • Plasma Wave Cannon: Y (with full power)
  • Creates a damage shield at full power
  • No moves; puts Kirby to sleep for several seconds and then disappears
  • Stone: Y
  • Stone Smash: Y (in air)
  • Turbo Stone: Dash + Y
  • Invincible while in Stone form
  • Dash Capture Lifting Up: Y
  • Turbo Dash Capture Lifting Up: Dash + Y
  • Back Breaker: Up (while lifting enemy)
  • Body Slam: Down (while lifting enemy)
  • Pile Driver: Forward (while lifting enemy)
  • German Suplex: Backward (while lifting enemy)
  • Air Body Slam: Forward or Up or Backward (while lifting enemy in air)
  • Air Body Down Slam: Down (while lifting enemy in air)
  • Pin Point Kick: Down + Y (in air)
  • Quick Stamping: Y repeatedly or Dash + Y repeatedly (near enemy)
Blade Knight
Blade Knight
  • Chop: Y
  • Chop & Beam: Y (with full health)
  • Multi-Sword Attack: Y repeatedly
  • Sword Stab: Dash + Y
  • Sword Spin: Dash + Y (in air)
  • Down Air Stab: Down + Y (in air)
  • Can be used underwater
  • Cuts ropes and extinguishes flames
  • Turn: Left or Right
  • Brake: B
  • Dash/Dash Release: Y
  • Dash across surface of water
  • Vulnerable while turning and braking
  • Kirby can ride Wheelie helper
  • Feather Gun: Y
  • Condor Heading: Dash + Y
  • Bomber Heading: Down + Y (in air)
  • Toss: Forward + Y (near enemy)
  • Shuttle Loop: Y (after tossing enemy)
  • Fluttering: B (in air)
  • Yo-Yo Throw: Y
  • Break Spin: Dash + Y
  • Up Throw Attack: Up + Y
  • Down Throw Attack: Down + Y
  • Grab Enemy: Forward + Y (near enemy)
  • Hammer Drop: Y or Forward + Y or Back + Y (while holding enemy)
  • Gazer Spiral: Down, Up + Y



A variety of game modes can be selected from Super Star's bulletin board-style menu, although only four of the main modes (Spring Breeze, Dyna Blade, Gourmet Race and The Great Cave Offensive) and both minigames are initially available. Revenge of Meta Knight is unlocked by finishing Spring Breeze and Dyna Blade, as well as placing first in Gourmet Race. Milky Way Wishes requires completion of all four of these modes, and The Arena is only accessible after clearing Milky Way Wishes. While each game mode only allows for a single save file, three separate player profiles can be accessed from Super Star's main title screen that track players' overall progress across each of the sub-games. Earning 100% completion on a single profile unlocks the game's Sound Test.

Spring Breeze

King Dedede and his minions have stolen all of the food in Dream Land, and it's up to Kirby to recover it before the inhabitants starve. The easiest and shortest of the seven main game modes, Spring Breeze is essentially a remake of the original Kirby's Dream Land with four stages and the inclusion of Copy abilities, which were not present in the original game, as well as altered stage layouts. However, Spring Breeze omits the "Castle Lololo" stage and Kabula boss from Kirby's Dream Land. It also removes the boss rush mini-stages that originally occurred prior to fighting the game's final boss, King Dedede.

  • Stage 1 - Green Greens: A short, grassy level that gently introduces players to Kirby and a handful of his Copy abilities. Mid-Boss: Poppy Bros. Sr. | Boss: Whispy Woods
  • Stage 2 - Float Islands: Kirby takes a swim and discovers the powerful Invincibility Candy capable of defeating even mid-bosses in one hit. Mid-Boss: Mr. Frosty | Boss: Lololo & Lalala
  • Stage 3 - Bubbly Clouds: Danger appears in the skies above Dream Land in the form of Kracko, a persistent cloud-like enemy with powerful lightning attacks. Mid-Boss: Kracko Jr. | Boss: Kracko
  • Final Stage - Mt. Dedede: Kirby reaches the mountain fortress for a final showdown with Dedede to decide the fate of Dream Land. Boss: King Dedede

Dyna Blade


When Kirby is violently awoken one day by a gigantic bird named Dyna Blade, he sets out towards its nest to discover the reason behind its sudden aggression. This game features a simple world map containing four main stages, as well as two hidden stages that serve as power-up caches for several of Kirby's various Copy abilities. Although somewhat lengthier than Spring Breeze, this mode is only slightly more difficult in comparison and continues to introduce new Copy powers to the player, some of which can be used to open new areas or discover secret items.

  • Stage 1 - Peanut Plains: A breezy area that hosts only a few enemies, but the terrain is rugged enough to keep new players on their toes. Boss: Chef Kawasaki
  • Stage 2 - Mallow Castle: Kirby explores a large castle containing several secret areas and an auto-scrolling section. A hidden switch located here opens the path to Trial Room 1. Boss: Bonkers
  • Stage 3 - Cocoa Cave: A mysterious cave system filled with dangerous traps and a few new enemies. Boss: Bugzzy
  • Stage 4 - Candy Mountain: The final stretch leads straight up the side of a treacherous mountain brimming with lava. A secret switch here unlocks the path to Trial Room 2. Mid-Boss: Mr. Frosty & Bonkers | Boss: Poppy Bros. Sr. (x2)
  • Final Stage - Dyna Blade's Nest: At the mountain's peak, Kirby battles against the ferocious bird and makes an unexpected discovery after their fight. Boss: Dyna Blade
  • Trial Rooms 1 & 2: Together these small secret stages contain twenty Copy abilities and only a few easy enemies, allowing players to practice the use of these power-ups freely. Unlocking both Trial Rooms is required for 100% completion.

Gourmet Race

A game mode that takes place in "Gourmet World" where Kirby races against King Dedede while also competing to eat the most food along the way. Players can practice any of the three courses in a solitary time trial, but Kirby must win the full three-course Grand Prix to complete this mode.

  • Course 1 - Pumpkin Grand: A short course with gentle rolling hills and few real obstacles.
  • Course 2 - Corn Hall: The difficulty increases in this course featuring multiple paths across much more rugged terrain.
  • Course 3 - Onion Garden: The final maze-like course begins with five Copy pedestals that Kirby can use to keep up the pace against the insatiable Dedede.

The Great Cave Offensive


The lengthiest mode to fully complete, The Great Cave Offensive is a non-linear treasure hunt in which Kirby must collect hidden treasure chests while navigating an expansive cave system. There are a total of sixty unique treasures to discover; each one collected increases the player's overall completion rate. This game does not feature strictly-linear level design and instead shares similarities with the structure of a "Metroidvania"-style platformer, allowing for backtracking which is usually necessary for perfect completion. Collecting all of the game's treasure also requires extensive knowledge of Kirby's various Copy abilities.

  • Sub-Tree Area: Kirby falls into an underground forest teeming with enemies. A few scattered treasures are easily found, but one inside a maze of switches requires clever timing. Boss: Fatty Whale
  • Crystal Area: A mine cart takes Kirby into a series of larger caves encrusted with shimmering crystal. Boss: Computer Virus
  • Old Tower: This optional area holds many treasures, but locating them all demands patience and the assistance of Helpers. Boss: Chameleo Arm
  • Garden Area: The path winds slowly back up through stone rooms and puffy clouds that hide some of the most valuable treasure. Boss: Wham Bam Rock

Treasures List

1. Gold Medal
1Gold Medal10,000GSub-Tree
2. Gold Coin
2Gold Coin1,000GSub-TreeA koban, an Edo-period Japanese oval coin
3. Whip
3Whip6,800GSub-TreeResembles the Vampire Killer from Castlevania
4. Crystal Ball
4Crystal Ball200,000GSub-Tree
5Lucky Cat5,000GSub-TreeManeki-neko, a Japanese luck talisman
6Seiryu Sword142,000GSub-TreeSeiryū (the Japanese name for Qing Long) is a mythological Chinese dragon
7Screw Ball80,000GSub-TreeScrew Attack power-up from Metroid
8Echigo Candy8,000GSub-TreeEchigo was an old province in Japan now located in Niigata Prefecture
9Zebra Mask278,000GSub-TreeResembles Phanto from Super Mario
10Star Stone82,100GSub-Tree
11Beast's Fang7,300GSub-Tree
12Bandanna1,990GSub-TreeSimilar to the bandanna worn by Fighter Kirby
15Glass Slippers120,000GCrystalCinderella's famous footwear
18Brass Knuckle20,000GCrystal
19Amber Rose22,100GCrystal
20Fish Fossil8,250GCrystal
21Beast Fossil24,220GCrystal
23Bucket200GCrystalBucket worn by Mario in Mario & Wario
25100 Dollar Coin10,000GCrystal
26Ancient Gem68,000GCrystalA magatama, a Japanese ceremonial jewel
27Falcon Helmet41,000GCrystalCaptain Falcon's helmet in F-Zero
29Truth Mirror500,000GCrystal
30Star Tiara408,200GOld Tower
31Turtle Shell800GOld TowerGreen Koopa Troopa shell from Super Mario
32Sword325,000GOld TowerMarth's Falchion in Fire Emblem
33Warrior Shield50,000GOld Tower
34Unicorn's Horn80,300GOld Tower
35Autumntime250,000GOld Tower
36Rice Bowl50GOld Tower
37Tut's Mask160,000GOld TowerGolden burial mask of Egyptian pharaoh Tutankhamun
38Mr. Saturn120,000GOld TowerMascot character from EarthBound
39Armor212,000GOld TowerResembles Sir Arthur's armor from Ghosts 'N Goblins
40Treasure Box100,000GOld Tower
41Mannequin3,000GOld Tower
42Gold Crown528,000GOld Tower
43King's Cape508,000GOld Tower
44Model Ship800,000GOld Tower
45Sun Ring800,000GOld Tower
47Katana990,000GGardenHighest value of all treasures
48Charm8,000GGardenAnkh necklace
49Xmas Tree40,000GGarden
50Kong's Barrel1,500GGardenBarrel from Donkey Kong
51Ramia's Scale12,800GGardenMistranslation of Lamia, a creature from Greek mythology
52Shiny Bamboo600,000GGarden
54Spirit Charm78,500GGarden
55Pegasus Wing42,800GGardenOne of the Three Sacred Treasures in Kid Icarus
56Raccoon Doll8,150GGardenJapanese tanuki doll
57Shell Whistle82,000GGarden
58Orihalcon512,000GGardenMistranslation of orichalcum, a mythical substance found in Atlantis
59Platinum Ring40,000GGarden
60Triforce800,000GGardenPowerful artifact from The Legend of Zelda

Revenge of Meta Knight


As Meta Knight launches the flying warship Halberd in his latest bid to conquer Dream Land, Kirby races against time to stop him. Revenge of Meta Knight is the only mode to feature a time limit for each level, as well as NPC commentary during gameplay in the form of dialogue boxes at the bottom of the screen, lending Revenge a more frantic tone than Super Star's previous games. Meta Knight appears near the end for a climactic sword duel and continues to harass Kirby during the final escape sequence from the destroyed Halberd.

  • Stage 1 - Halberd Deck: Kirby begins his assault on the main deck of Meta Knight's warship, but he is distracted by Heavy Lobster before being blown away from the ship by one of its main thrusters.
  • Stage 2 - Orange Ocean: After landing in the ocean, Kirby quickly makes his way to shore and finds a Warp Star, but he is shot down by the Halberd's cannon and falls into a forest. Mid-Boss: Iron Mam | Boss: Whispy Woods & Twin Woods
  • Stage 3 - Forest: His second detour takes Kirby through a thick forest and up a familiar mountain; after reaching the summit, Dyna Blade gives Kirby a ride back to the Halberd. Boss: Bonkers (x2)
  • Stage 4 - Halberd Cannon: Dyna Blade is injured by cannon-fire, but Kirby manages to board the Halberd once more and quickly destroys its Main Cannon No. 2. Mid-Boss: Meta-Knights, Jukid & Poppy Bros. Sr. | Boss: Combo Cannon
  • Stage 5 - Halberd Port Section: Kirby descends across the port-side hull and locates another Warp Star, which he uses to deal serious damage to the Halberd's left wing. Boss: Mr. Frosty
  • Stage 6 - Halberd Interior: Jumping into a hull breach, Kirby fights through the Halberd's maintenance ducts and is again ambushed by Heavy Lobster. This time Kirby destroys it and takes out the Halberd's right wing. Boss: Heavy Lobster
  • Stage 7 - Halberd Lower Hull: Clouds swirl beneath the belly of the Halberd, giving Kirby some much-needed cover as he infiltrates the underside of the ship and destroys its main reactor. Boss: Halberd's Reactor
  • Stage 8 - Halberd Bridge: Kirby makes his final approach towards the bridge as the crippled Halberd rapidly loses altitude, where Meta Knight awaits him for one last duel. Mid-Boss: Meta-Knights | Boss: Meta Knight
  • Stage 9 - Evacuation: Though defeated, Meta Knight relentlessly pursues Kirby as he frantically races to escape the Halberd before it crashes into the ocean.

Milky Way Wishes

One day the Sun and Moon began fighting ceaselessly above Kirby's home planet of Popstar, throwing the heavens into utter chaos. A jester-like resident of Popstar named Marx asks Kirby to make peace between the Sun and Moon by gathering power from each of Popstar's seven neighboring planets. This power can be used to summon Nova, a gigantic mechanical "comet" capable of granting a single wish.

Milky Way Wishes Inside Nova

Milky Way Wishes sports an increased difficulty with tougher enemies and more challenging stages than those in previous modes. Kirby navigates between planets on an overworld map, allowing players to visit stages in any order. This mode also features a twist on the standard Copy mechanic in that Kirby can no longer swallow enemies to Copy their powers; instead, players must locate Copy abilities as unique pedestals hidden throughout the game's stages. Once a particular Copy ability has been acquired, Kirby can manually activate that ability at any time without the need to swallow its corresponding enemy first.

After gathering all of the planets' power and summoning Nova, Marx suddenly reappears and shoves Kirby aside before making his own selfish wish to rule over Popstar. Nova complies and grants Marx incredible power, and Nova then begins to descend upon Popstar. Fortunately the comet is temporarily held back by the combined strength of the Sun and Moon, allowing Kirby to fly into Nova on a Warp Star. He destroys its mechanical core from the inside, halting Nova's advance long enough for Kirby to confront the powered-up Marx in an all-out final battle. Once defeated, Marx flies out of control toward the heavens and crashes straight into Nova, destroying them both in a massive explosion and ending the crisis on Popstar.

  • Floria: Popstar's closest neighbor, its climate can be altered simply by entering a door, and Kirby can use these seasonal changes to open new paths. Abilities: Ice, Fighter, Cutter | Boss: Twin Woods
  • Aqualiss: A watery planet featuring yet another tricky maze for Kirby to conquer. Abilities: Parasol, Sword, Beam | Mid-Boss: Jukid | Boss: Fatty Whale
  • Skyhigh: A sky-themed area resembling the Bubbly Clouds stage in Spring Breeze. Abilities: Jet, Wheel, Wing | Mid-Boss: Poppy Bros. Sr. | Boss: Kracko
  • Hotbeat: Things heat up in this lava-filled stage, but Kirby can take refuge in some mine carts later on for a quick breather. Abilities: Fire, Suplex | Mid-Boss: Bugzzy | Boss: Chameleo Arm
  • Cavios: Kirby begins this area on a mountainside and descends into the caverns of the planet, where he must fight through a series of mini-bosses. Abilities: Bomb, Hammer, Stone | Mid-Boss: Poppy Bros. Sr., Jukid, Mr. Frosty, Iron Mam, Bonkers, Chef Kawasaki, Bugzzy | Boss: Wham Bam Rock
  • Mecheye: This high-tech world is actually one gigantic city packed with nasty traps and windy skies. Abilities: Yo-Yo, Plasma | Mid-Boss: Mr. Frosty, Jukid, Chef Kawasaki, Bugzzy, Poppy Bros. Sr., Bonkers, Iron Mam | Boss: Heavy Lobster
  • Halfmoon: Nighttime eternally covers Halfmoon, which more closely resembles a loose collection of stardust than an actual planet. Abilities: Mirror, Ninja | Mid-Boss: Chef Kawasaki, Iron Mam | Boss: Computer Virus
  • Nova: Following Marx's betrayal, Kirby infiltrates the approaching Nova in this unique side-scrolling shoot-'em-up stage. Boss: Heart of Nova, Marx
  • ???: Hidden among the larger planets, this tiny area contains a few TAC enemies and one power-up. Abilities: Copy

The Arena


The Arena is a hidden boss rush endurance mode similar to Super Smash Bros.' "All-Star Mode." Players can select from any of Kirby's standard Copy abilities before fighting through a series of nineteen randomly-ordered battles featuring every boss previously encountered in Super Star. Two of the battles are groups of mini-bosses, and one battle contains only the common enemy Waddle Dee (albeit with increased health). The Arena's final boss is always Marx. Between bouts, players may recover health using a total allotment of five Maxim Tomatoes, and they can acquire new Copy abilities from two randomly-selected Copy pedestals. A player's total completion time is displayed following a successful run.

Arena Bosses List

Samurai Kirby

Samurai Kirby

This feudal Japan-themed minigame is a test of reflexes between Kirby and one of several opponents. When the game begins, both characters appear on opposite sides of the screen. Players must react to a sudden on-screen "!" prompt by pressing any button, with the winner being whoever strikes first without a false start. Against the CPU, Kirby's opponents will gradually react more quickly, with Meta Knight being the fastest CPU opponent. This minigame features three levels of CPU difficulty and a two-player mode.

Megaton Punch

The second timing-based minigame takes place in a martial arts competition between Kirby and three separate opponents where the goal is to cause the most damage to a stack of bricks in a single strike. Three different meters must be activated in succession to build up striking power, with their strength determined by the player's timing accuracy. The competitor who deals the most damage (measured in megatons) in a single round will be declared the winner. Like Samurai Kirby, Megaton Punch also features three levels of CPU difficulty and a two-player mode.

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