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History of Knothole Island

   Hundreds of years ago, the tribe that resided in Knothole Glade needed to move. They were tired of the constant Balverine attacks and terrible weather. They had heard legend of an island off the coast of Albion that housed 3 magical artifacts capable of controlling the island's weather. After searching for a great while, they finally came across the island.

   After a while, the people of Knothole grew to lazy and content with their ability to change the weather as needed. The elders decided to hide the artifacts in the temples they were originally found so that the village warriors would have to keep diligent in order to retrieve them. However, after a while, it seemed that it was more and more difficult for the warriors to return until one year, no warrior could bring back the trophies and Knothole was plunged into what would be eternal winter.

   They sent Gorden, a local inventor, and his submarine to Albion in order to find a Hero worthy of saving them from their meteorological mishap. Upon arriving, the Hero finds the town's chieftain to be a little rough around the edges, but agrees to help never the less. However, after collecting the three statues, the chieftain tries to keep the statues and charge a large tax for them. Of course this doesn't sit well with the village, who overthrows him with the help of the Hero.

Locations of Importance

   There's a lot to see and do around Knothole island, from it's three temples to the one-of-a-kind stores!

  • The Box of Secrets: A shop that sells items in a different method than usual. Rather than just dropping all of that "hard earned" cash (you know what you did with Pub Games), you have to search around for random items to trade with the shopkeeper Jessica. These items range from 3 crunch chicks to a royal purple dye. The items you can acquire include Hal's Rifle, The Axe of Disharmony, and some other new pieces.
  • The Cosmetician's Shop: Enjoy new potions that can slim your character, fatten him up, erase those nasty scars, and so much more!
  • The Augment Shop: Purchase exclusive and rare augments, and even a device to remove already-used augments.
  • The Storm Temple: Stirring waters and dangerous traps make this dungeon a place for only the bravest warrior to travel if they want to collect the idol that controls Winter.
  • The Ice Temple: A cold cave filled with danger awaits Heroes seeking the ability to bring a blazing summer to Knothole.
  • The Sun Temple: Things heat up for any adventurer worth his wait in ill gotten gains looking for the ability to bring quenching rain to the village.

Official Statistics of the Knothole Island DLC

   It came out on Jan. 13, 2009 on XBOX Live for 800 Microsoft Points. A free version is available but does not include all of the same content and is only so you can play Co-Op with somebody who does have the premium content.

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