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Kodu launched on the Xbox LIVE Community Games Channel in July 2009. Its easy to use game creation techniques will make building personal playgrounds simple for anyone, with help of an Xbox 360 controller. You can create playgrounds from scratch or you can choose from several pre-made levels. Kodu comes with almost 200 different game-creation building blocks to choose from.

The game editor allows for the player to set parameters for victory, with the most common being touching an object at the end of a path or achieving a set number of points. Since the players have to set these parameters, there does not necessarily have to be any way of winning a game. In fact, many of the pre-made levels are merely demonstrations of how to do certain commands such as fixed camera angles. The tutorial levels in the game are merely creations in themselves, and the player can edit them in any way they see fit.

The game editor does have a limit to the number of objects you can place in a level, so there is no possibility to make vast games such as RPGs.

Kodu include the ability to share your made games and levels with your friends, however there is no database such as with LittleBigPlanet.
Kodu was first revealed in 2006, however it was shown in full detail during Microsoft's CES 2009 Keynote by a 12 year old girl, Sparrow.

It featured gameplay and can be viewed here: at 1:03:34

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