L.A. Noire Quick Walkthrough


Welcome! This is more of a quick reference guide for clues and answers to interrogations.

Traffic Cases

The Driver's Seat


Nate Wilkey

Purpose at scene - Truth

Knowledge of Adrian Black - Truth

Bloodstained pipe found - Truth

Contents of wallet - Doubt

Margaret Black

Slaughterhouse receipt - Truth

Stenzel glasses case - Truth

Location of Adrian Black - Truth

Photography signed Nicole - Lie/Concealed Message

Cavanagh's bar matchbook - Truth

Alibi for Mrs. Black - Truth

Frank Morgan

Link to abandoned vehicle - Lie/Receipt for Live Hog

Location of Adrian Black - Doubt

Clue Locations

Central Station

Abandoned Vehicle

Freight Depot

Blood splashes

Receipt for live hog



Bloody pipe

Black Residence

Train ticket

Glasses case

Concealed message

Cavanagh's matchbook

Instaheat flyer

Instaheat receipt

Water heater

Swine blood

A Marriage Made in Heaven


Shannon Perry

Eyewitness report - Truth

Suspect vhicle description - Truth

Argument overhead - Doubt

Dudley Lynch

Hit and run incident - Doubt

Association with victim - Truth

Argument overheard in bar - Doubt

Joint business venture - Doubt

Lorna Pattison

Hit and run incident - Doubt

Nature of argument - Doubt

Partnership with Leroy Sabo - Lie/Insurance Letter

Clue Locations

Central Station

Hit and run vehicle

Ray's Cafe


Insurance letter

Coroner's report

Bloody knife

Argument overheard

Red Lincoln Continental

Lynch's statement

Central Morgue

Pattison stabbed

The Fallen Idol


June Ballard

Doping allegation - Doubt

Injured female passenger - Lie/Underwear

Suspect Mark Bishop - Doubt

Fake shrunken head - Doubt

Jessica Hamilton

Crash incident report - Lie/Underwear

Contact with parents - Lie/Letter From Mother

Association with Bishop - Doubt

Evidence of criminal abuse - Truth

Gloria Bishop

Domestic disturbance - Doubt

Whereabouts of Mark Bishop - Truth

Abuse of Jessica Hamilton - Doubt

Check for $20,000 - Doubt

Marlon Hopgood

Association with Bishop - Lie/Chloral Hydrate

Whereabouts of Bishop - Truth

Relationship with Ballard - Lie/Empty Film Canister

Evidence of blackmail - Lie/20,000 Check

Clue Locations

Central Station

Victims drugged

Chevy Styleline

Crash Site


Letter from mother

Prop shrunken head

Central Receiving Hospital

Evidence of abuse


Bishop's Apartment


$20,000 check

Movie set photograph

Movie set replica

Prop store photograph


Silver Screen Props

Chloral hydrate

Prop shrunken head mold

Empty film canister

Film reel

Bishop's whereabouts

Homicide Cases

The Red Lipstick Murder


Dick McColl

Suspect seen with victim - Truth

Knowledge of husband - Doubt

Ring stolen from victim - Doubt

Jacob Henry

Movements of victim - Lie/Bamba Club Lighter

Last contact with victim - Truth

Motive for murders - Lie/Death Threat Note

Deterioration of marriage - Lie/Marital Problems

Lipstick markings - Truth

Access to murder weapon - Lie/Husband's Alibi

Missing jewelry - Truth

Clue Locations

Crime Scene

Writing on body

Blunt force trauma

Missing jewelry

Size 8 shoe prints


Bamba club lighter

Bamba Club

License plate 2B8899

Husband's alibi

Celine Henry's Residence

Female shoe

Forced entry

Missing jewelry

Marital problems

Jacob Henry's Apartment

Size 11 shoes

Death threat note

Mendez's Apartment

Size 8 shoes

Used lipstick

Socket wrench (Collect Socket Wrench last or chase scene will cut off your chance of collecting other evidence)

The Golden Butterfly


Michelle Moller

Last contact with victim - Doubt

Missing watch and rings - Truth

State of parents' marriage - Doubt

Hugo Moller

Footprints at crime scene - Lie/Size Eight Work Boots

Missing persons report - Doubt

Alibi for Hugo Miller - Lie/Husband's Alibi

History of violence - Lie/Butterfly Brooch

Disposal of evidence - Truth

Access to braided rope - Doubt

Access to tire iron - Lie/Bloody Tire Iron

Victim's vehicle recovered - Lie/Overalls

Eli Rooney

Footprints at crime scene - Doubt

Place of employment - Doubt

Access to braided rope - Truth

Motive for Moller Murder - Doubt

Clue Locations

Crime Scene

Rope pattern

Missing jewelry

Small men's footprints

Moller Residence

Size 8 work boots

Missing watch and rings

Husband's alibi

Butterfly brooch

Bloody shoes

Central Morgue

Size 8 footprints

Belmont High School

Butterfly brooch


Bloody tire iron


5 Star Rank

Charge Eli Rooney.

The Silk Stocking Murder


Barbara Lapenti

Possible suspects - Truth

Movements of victim - Doubt

Evidence of break-in - Lie/Broken Window or Iron Picket

Breakdown of marriage - Lie/Charm Bracelet Photograph

Angel Maldonado

Last contact with victim - Lie/Husband's Alibi

Jewelry taken from body - Truth

Divorce proceedings - Lie/Attorney's Letter or Divorce Papers

Bloodstained shirt found - Doubt

Diego Aguilar

Movements of victim - Truth

Missing jewelry - Doubt

Clem Feeney

Distinctive necklace - Doubt

Contact with victim - Doubt

Movements of victim - Truth

Clue Locations

Crime Scene

Bloodied stocking

Blood trail

Ladies hat

Personal effects


Dot pattern note

Library card

Boarding House

Broken window

Iron picket

Charm bracelet photograph

Attorney's letter

Religious necklace

Angel Maldonado's Apartment

Bloodied shirt

Husband's alibi

Central Station

Brown Ford Coupe

El Dorado Bar

Divorce papers

Just Picked Fruit Market


The White Shoe Slaying


Catherine Barton

Suspicious persons - Truth

Lars Taraldsen

Possible suspects - Lie/Bow Rope

Alibi for Lars Taraldsen - Doubt

Victim's state of mind - Doubt

Last contact with victim - Lie/Wet Jacket or Muddy Boots

Benny Cluff

Last contact with victim - Truth

Vagrant male suspect - Doubt

Yellow cab 3591 - Truth

Richard Bates

Contact with victim - Doubt

Account of movements - Doubt

James Jessop

Contact with victim - Doubt

Incident with Bates - Doubt

Cab ride with victim - Doubt

Movements prior to murder - Doubt

Stuart Ackerman

Motive for murder - Lie/Bloodstained Rope Piece

Contact with victim - Doubt

Alibi for Stuart Ackerman - Lie/Purse

Clue Locations

Crime Scene

Time of death

Laundry label

Boot prints

Tire tracks

Superior Laundry Services

Laundry ledger

43 Emerald Street


Wet jacket

Muddy boots

Bow rope

Victim's handbag

Baron's Bar

Yellow cab 3591

City Streets

Victim's movements

Central Station

All American 249

Bus Depot

Bus Route Map

Victim Last Seen

Hobo Camp

Bloodstained rope piece


The Studio Secretary Murder


John Jamison

Interference with evidence - Truth

Discovery of victim's body - Doubt

Grosvenor McCaffrey

Criminal history - Doubt

Relationship with victim - Lie/Book

Last contact with victim - Doubt

Alibi for Mccaffrey - Lie/Torn Letter

Access to tire iron - Lie/Tiernan's Accusation

Military service - Lie/McCaffrey's Criminal Record

Mr. Robbins

Contact with victim - Truth

Relationship with victim - Truth

Knowledge of McCaffrey - Doubt

James Tiernan

Relationship with victim - Lie/Victim Last Seen

Victim's book found - Doubt

Alibi for James Tiernan - Lie/Liquor Purchase

Access to murder weapon - Doubt

Events prior to murder - Lie/McCaffrey's Accusation

Clue Locations

Central Station

Pawned rings

Crime Scene

Time of death


Missing ring


Upper half of torn letter

Movie lot job


Levine's Liquor Store


Liquor purchase

McCaffrey's Apartment

Torn letter

Tire iron

Central Station

Victim last seen

Tiernan's accusation

McCaffrey's accusation

McCaffrey's criminal record

5 Star Rank

Charge Grosvenor McCaffery.

The Quarter Moon Murders


There are none.

Clue Locations

Central Station

Black Dahlia letter

Shelly excerpt

Pershing Square Fountain

Social Security card

Second excerpt

Hall of Records

Deidre Moller's watch

Third excerpt

L.A. Public Library

Antonia's medallion

Fourth excerpt

Westlake Tar Pits

Theresa Taraldsen's shoes

Fifth excerpt

L.A. County Art Museum

Celine Henry's garnet ring

Sixth excerpt

Intolerance Movie Set

Evelyn Summers' ring

Seventh excerpt

Christ Crown of Thorns


Vice Cases

The Black Caesar


Fleetwood Morgan

Morphine overdose victim - Lie/Popcorn Cups with Morphine

Numbers slips recovered - Doubt

Jermaine Jones

Army surplus morphine - Doubt

Involvement of Ottie - Lie/Distributor Identified

Link to Ramez Removals - Doubt

Merlon Ottie

Army surplus morphine - Lie/Finkelstein Identified

IOU note from Jose Ramez - Truth

Clue Locations

Hollywood Police Station

Army surplus morphine

Crime Scene

Numbers slip

Radio station note

Strange doodle

Popcorn cups with morphine

Morphine syrettes

Black Caesar Food Hut

Morphine for distribution

Numbers racket

Blue Room pass

Distributor identified

Jermaine Jones Musical Booking Agency

Morphine syrettes

Finkelstein identified

Ottie's Numbers Operation

IOU Note

Ramez Removals


Polar Bear Ice Company


The Set Up


Candy Edwards

Whereabouts of Hammond - Lie/Magazine Coupon

List of odds recovered - Lie/Bookmakers' Odds

Plans to leave town - Doubt

Clue Locations

Boxing Stadium

Bookmakers' odds

Hotel El Mar


Movie ticket stub

Magazine coupon

Bookmakers' payouts

Aleve Motel

Bus ticket

Cunard ascania

First Bookmakers Office

Bookie's notepad

Examiner Drugstore

Yellow Cab Co. card

Interstate Bus Depot


Movie ticket

The Egyptian Theatre


Manifest Destiny


The Hostess

111 Club shooting incident - Doubt

Knowledge of Mcgoldrick - Truth

Elsa Lichtmann

Army surplus morphine - Doubt

Morphine overdose victims - Doubt

Mickey Cohen

Finkelstein drug operation - Doubt

111 Club shooting incident - Doubt

Felix Alvarro

Informed of Coolridge heist - Doubt

Motive for shooting - Lie/Sniper's pocketbook

Jack Kelso

Army surplus morphine - Doubt

Ex-Marine Mcgoldrick - Truth

Arms stolen from Coolridge - Truth

SS Coolridge robbery - Doubt

Courtney Sheldon

6th Marines being targeted - Lie/Note

SS Coolridge robbery - Lie/Beckett's confession

Clue Locations

Hollywood Police Station


111 Club

Blue Room pass


Valor cigarettes


Coolridge heist

Hollywood Police Station


Stolen BARs

Stolen Valors

Bus Shooting

Sniper's pocketbook

6th Marines

Chinese Theatre

Shooter's notebook

Copy of manifest

Hollywood Post Office

Beckett's confession

Business card


Arson Cases

The Gas Man


Don Steffens

Travel Competition - Truth

Suburban Redevelopment - Doubt

John Cunningham

Suburban Redevelopment - Truth

Promotional Travel Contest - Doubt

Ivan Rasic

Instaheat Model 70 - Doubt

Heater Service History - Lie/Heater Serviced by Ryan or Heater Serviced by Varley

Walter Clemens

Knowledge of Varley - Doubt

Employment With Instaheat - Doubt

Knowledge of Ryan - Lie/Clemens' Anarchist Pamphlet

Reginald Varley

Work At Sawyer Residence - Lie/Heater Serviced By Varley

Suburban Redevelopment - Lie/Walter Clemens Statement

Instaheat Model 70 - Lie/Mosquito Coils

Matthew Ryan

Anarchist Literature - Lie/Ryan's Anarchist Pamphlets

Instaheat Model 70 - Lie/Ivan Rasic's Statement

Suburban Redevelopment - Doubt

Attempted Murder Charge - Doubt

Clue Locations

Steffens House Fire

Competition Ticket

Suburban Redevelopment

Heater Serviced By Ryan

Sawyer House Fire

Regulator Valve

Fire Station No. 32

Instaheat Model 70

Heater Serviced By Varley

Instaheat Factory

Ivan Rasic's Statement

List of Gas Fitters

Clemens' Criminal Record

Ryan's Criminal Record

Varley's Criminal Record

Clemens' Anarchist Pamphlet

Ryan's Anarchist Pamphlets

Mosquito Coils

Clemens' Worksite

Walter Clemens' Statement

Wilshire Police Station

Matthew Ryan's Statement

5 Star Rank

Charge Matthew Ryan.

A Walk in Elysian Fields


Dudley Forman

Morelli Fire Witness Report - Doubt

Planned Demolitions - Doubt

Promotional Travel Contest - Truth

Suspicious Activity - Doubt

Leland Monroe

Elysian Linked to Arsons - Doubt

Promotional Travel Contest - Lie/Elysian Fields Flyer

Local Land Acquisitions - Doubt

Rancho Escondido Fire - Lie/Poor Cement Quality

Clue Locations

Morelli House Fire

Bodies Moved

Family Photograph

Water Heater

Boot Prints

Cigarette Butts

Weekend Away

Houses To Be Demolished

Origami Crane

Elysian Fields Flyer

Rancho Escondido

Poor Cement Quality

Elysian Fields

List of Contractors

Chapman's Apartment

Mosquito Coils

.45 Caliber Ammunition

House of Sticks


Elsa Lichtmann

Disputed Claim Payout - Doubt

Connection To Buchwalter - Doubt

Motive For Dispute - Truth

Clue Locations

California Fire & Life

Settlement Letter

Buchwalter Case File

Slip of Paper

Elysian Fields Site

Cement Delivery Receipt

Demolition Order

Company Memo

Demolished Elysian Fields House

Broken Wood

Keystone Film Studios

Lumber Delivery Receipt

Inferior Quality Lumber

Film Canister


A Polite Invitation


Curtis Benson

Motive For Fraud - Lie/Share Certificates

Suburban Redevelopment - Lie/Insurance Agreement

Buchwalter Case Settlement - Doubt

Clue Locations

Medical Clinic

Inferior Lumber

Redevelopment Fund

Curtis Benson's Apartment

Insurance Agreement

Share Certificates

California Fire & Life

Buchwalter Case File

Improved Land Value

Hall of Records

Elysian Lot Number 1876988

A Different Kind of War


There are none.

Clue Locations

Dr. Fontaine's Office

Morphine Cabinet

Fontaine's Blackmail Papers

Crystal Ball

Freeway Route

Rancho Rincon Bunkhouse


Origami Crane

Photographs of Okinawa

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