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The Dark Knight LEGO form.

LEGO Batman has really went under the radar with all these great games coming out. I saw some images and all it really looked like was just another LEGO game, that has some LEGO cred in it,but I've always had a little space in my heart for LEGO games and despite the poor humor and frustrating puzzles this game is pretty great.

The puzzles are very annoying some are really hard and some can be quite easy.Your sometimes wander around for 10-20 minutes at a time wondering what in the world to do next.Until you finally find out that the anwswer was just right up under your nose, which is the worst part.You feel horrible after that if your playing this in front of a group of people and you miss an easy puzzle like that...come to think of it, why would you even be playing this game in front of a group?I was embarrassed when I told my mom that I was playing a LEGO game.She just kinda gave me the oddest look.

Now I haven't played LEGO: Indiana Jones yet but I played the first LEGO games I did kinda chuckle at some of the lines.But on this one the humor was just plain bad.I guess that haven't realized that people falling down in LEGO form isn't exactly funny anymore and when Robin gives a funny look, it just makes me frown.It's like he's saying "Hey Batman, I'm trying to be funny so try to laugh.".The humor is really bad and poorly done in this game.In the LEGO Star Wars games the humor was cheesy but was still kinda enjoyable.

I also fount this LEGO games story a lot shorter than the others.Most of the others were just kinda long and very easy.This one is kinda hard but very short.It's only 5 chapter, all of which take about 20 minutes to beat.Do the math and you easily got a very short game.

The combat is still very easy and extremely simple.You only got two attack buttons, you can attack with one button and grab with another.The only reason I say it's kinda hard is because the puzzles are so baffling.If you don't use a walkthrough then it might take you a couple of days to beat.I used a walkthrough so I beat it in under 3 hours.

The story is ok, your Batman and the Riddler and Two-Face is going crazy making Gotham city a mess and you have to stop them.At the end of each level you have a boss fight you have to fight and they are all very easy.They throw in a lot of enemies...kinda.They put in a lot of enemies but only a few are in the story.

This game adds some cool little gadgets and suits to the mixture.My favorite suits are the magnet shoes one that Robin has and the red suit Batman has that lets him walk through very hot stuff.

First of all the Joker should have been more involved in the story and so should Penguin.I was disappointed they didn't have anything to really do with the story.Although the Riddler/Two-Face story isn't really bad.The two actually make a really good tandem.That makes me wonder if in the next Batman movie, they can hopefully bring back the Riddler and keep Two-Faces character going.Gah, I'm really going off my review topic, I apologize.
Singleplayer:4 stars

Multiplayer:There is still no online co-op!Why?Well at least they kept some offline co-op which is good because my brother doesn't have his PS3 yet so we could still play together offline.I still sometimes hate the camera because I won't be able to walk a little ways off while my brother is crushing plants earning us little coin thingys.
Multiplayer:3 stars

Re-play Value:There isn't really any re-play value for this game.The story isn't brilliant and the gameplay get's repetitive quick, and there is no re-play value added because of the multiplayer.If they would have only added co-op...
Re-play value

End It!All-in-all this is a rent to anybody that either likes LEGO games or is kinda interested in them or possibly people that are fans of Batman should check it out.But only a rent though, there is no re-play value to really make you have fun with this for more than a few days.

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