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Poor Design Aplenty 0

Ok, first off, I did like this game.BUT, this game might be one of the worst designed messes in recorded history. They took the simple game design of previous Lego titles and, well, discarded all of it. First off, the hub --- rather than being a quick portal to game levels --- is now a level of its own. Which means you get to FIND where the levels are. Fun. Rather than making it easy to locate, you have to search the map to find them. The movement speed is slow enough to make this annoying if yo...

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Did you like Kindgom of the Crystal Skull? 0

By now you are either a fan of this Lego revolution or not. Traveller’s Tales has made buckets and buckets of money turning your favorite franchises into cute and cuddly family friendly coop Lego games. Little did they know after taking a chance on the first Lego game, Lego Star Wars, that they would be doing that same game over and over and over again years later. Following the success of the second franchise to be Lego-ized, Indiana Jones, the developer’s thought it was time to mine a little b...

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Overcomplicating A Simple Concept 0

I really enjoyed all the LEGO games up to this one to be totally honest... but this one turned down a dark road that made it hard to like. The simple playstyle was seemingly "overhauled" and incorporated redesigned controls for lots of simple commands that players had become familiar, and comfortable with from all the previous titles. That being said it's really kind of hard to have a love for this game when so much of it was changed and turned into a semi-complicated mess. The one saving grace ...

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