#1 Posted by Deusoma (3184 posts) -

So does it have to be numbers replacing individual letters? Because I'm certain there will eventually be a crappy video game tie-in to Shrek Goes Fourth, and it seems to me that would fit here quite nicely.

#2 Posted by SamFo (1637 posts) -

I don't think Shrek Goes fourth should count at all. If it was something like. "Shrek goes 4 it". Then that's one for sure.
I guess it depends on whether  fourth is '4th' or 'fourth'.

#3 Posted by Termite (2428 posts) -

Yeah Shrek Goes Fourth wouldn't count, it has to be "Shrek is all 4 lame video games" or something along those lines

#4 Posted by patrick (578 posts) -

Eh, I don't see how a lot of the ones on the list work actually. Ones like Left 4 Dead I can understand having the double meaning, but Wipeout or Donkey Kong?

#5 Posted by Mustard (180 posts) -

yeah, whats with all the fifa's?

#6 Posted by ryanwho (12012 posts) -

Bad pun nomenclature should be a separate concept page.

#7 Posted by Hace (27 posts) -

I was wondering if Banjo-Tooie (the sequel to Banjo-Kazooie) should get at least an honorable mention? I must admit it's quite heavily in the "Bad pun nomenclature" -territory.

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